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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blog-tember - The one product I can't live without

I have mentioned this in a previous Blog-tember post but the one product that simplifies my life the most is by far my dry shampoo!  I have extremely thick hair and I hate washing and drying it so this little product is a life changer for me!


I can usually go three days between washes.  One day one, I wash, dry, and style with either rollers or curling iron.  Day two, I spray some dry shampoo and let it sit for about 15 minutes or so before touching it up with the curling iron or just pulling it back.  Day three, I usually spray and pull it up somehow.  Sometimes I can get a fourth day out of it depending on what I am doing.  

This is a huge time saver for me!  It takes me a good 20 minutes just to dry my hair and it hurts my arms and I get bored and I just really don’t like it at all (can I whine any more about this>?>)

The Living Proof brand is my favorite.  It absorbs the best for me but it also tends to leave a light residue so not sure how it would work on dark hair. I usually keep a bottle at home, one in my gym bag, and one at my desk for whenever I need a little pick me up.  I am telling you, this little product completely changed my life!

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  1. Living Proof has been my very favorite dry shampoo for sure!