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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Brynlee!!

Today was Brynlee's 2nd birthday! So what better way to celebrate than ice cream at Kreme Delight?!?!

We celebrated at a fun mermaid party over the weekend which is very ideal for B! That sweet baby loves mermaids! 

I am so thankful for my sweet niece. Brynlee and Hunter Claire are only a few weeks apart and are the very best of friends! I just love to watch them play together. They call each other BB and constantly follow each other around. And do everything Hadley tells them to! I pray they are all still so close when they grow up.

Brynlee has such a sweet a quite spirit and loves her bows, shoes and baby dolls! She is such a girly girl but loves her footballs to! The perfect little Southern girl right? Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Welcome to Chapter 28

Yesterday, I celebrated my 28th Birthday!  I have never been one of those who stresses or mopes over birthdays.  In fact, I love having birthdays!  I love looking back over the year and reminiscing.  I love sharing and celebrating with friends and family.  And I really love the 200+ Facebook comments I get!

After our weekend getaway, I enjoyed a lunch date with my girlfriends from work at Phil's which of course was delicious as always.  Plus, they give you complimentary soft serve ice cream that is always my favorite!  I got to leave work a little early so I treated myself to a little solo grocery trip before heading to my mom's house for a BBQ dinner with some of my family.

My sweet girls (with a little help from their daddy) got me some new gardening gloves that I was in desperate need of.  I can't wait to get in my flower beds and tackle the weeds this weekend with my new extra strong grip gloves!  

(If you can't tell already, I'm not too hard to please). 

So here's to starting Chapter 28 of my life!  What's in store?  Probably a few vacations. Maybe some home improvement.  Lots of family time.  Lots of laughter with my friends.  And who knows... maybe an addition to the family! JUUUUUUUUUUST KIDDING!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Atlanta Girl Trip

We had such a fun girls getaway in weekend in Atlanta! A few friends of mine and I signed up several months ago for the Dirty Girl Mud Run and decided to just make a fun weekend of it! 

My long time friends, Mollie and Ellen, and I drove down Friday afternoon and met up with my coworker friends, Karen and Meredith. We talked and laughed the whole way there even though we may have made a few wrong turns! Friday night we had dinner at Taco Mac and hurried back to the hotel before the rain got us! I was soooo excited to have a bed to myself... Considering mine tends to gain a few extra little feet most nights at my house. 

We got up early on Saturday and got ready for the race. Thankfully the rain stopped just a little before we got there but everything was really really wet and muddy... Every where!! They were a little behind due to the rain so it took us about 45 minutes to get signed in and our bags checked before we started our race. There were ALL kinds of women there... Everything from skinny little teeny boppers in sports bras and spandex shorts to larger middle aged women in matching shirts and tutus. Dirty Girl really stresses that the race is for all types of women and it definitely was! 

The actual race was tons of fun! It had several obstacles throughout. Some were a little challenging such as the rope climbs while others were just wet and muddy (which I didn't care for as much) like literally army crawling through a pool of muddy water. Due to the rain, the course was muddier than we thought it would be and you literally had to march through it like quick sand at some spots. And yes most of us slipped and wiped out at least once throughout the race, including a beautiful 180 degree pirouette-like manuever from myself that I wonderfully executed a perfect landing on my tail. Most of the obstacles were pretty fun but one of the last obstacles was a huge inflatable slide that ended in a huge pool of muddy water. Ellen went before me and I kinda started to panic a little when I saw her hit the water at full speed and hold her nose as she went under. I thought I would be smart and put my feet down early when I hit the water which was a terrible idea!  I got completely covered with mud including my teeth! Yuck!

We finally crossed the finish line about an hour or so after we started and I'm pretty sure none of us had a single clean spot on us. But at least we got medals! We ended with a fun team picture and quickly headed to the showers they had so graciously provided before heading back to the hotel! I didn't get too many pictures because I pretty much kept my phone packed away so it wouldn't find itself in a pool of mud. But they had photographers every where so I hope they captured a few of us in action.

I thought it was an awesome idea that they had a place where you could donate your yucky shoes. They clean them up and donate them to someone in need.

After a quick stop at Chickfila (where I introduced Ellen to the deliciousness of a frosted lemonade) we headed back to the hotel for some major scrubbing and naps... Except for our nap time turned into more talking and reminiscing. We finally got all cleaned up and rested and ventured a few blocks down the road to the Olympic Park to find my brick that my aunt Nancy bought for me in '96. It didn't take us too long to find it and I was so excited to see it! Of course I had to snap a picture to show how cool I was. 

We then walked to dinner at White Oak Kitchen and Cocktails and it was soooo delicious!! I had fried green tomatoes as an appetizer and pork and butternut squash for my entree and it was AMAZING! So delicious that I finished it off with a little mint chocolate chip ice cream that had real pieces of mint in it. They even served it with a little candle when they found out it was my birthday celebration! 

After dinner, we did a little exploring around downtown but quickly decided we were exhausted and ready for bed! I slept sooo good Saturday night! We woke up Sunday morning and headed home. And I'm pretty sure we never stopped talking until we pulled in the drive way at home! 

We had a really wonderful time and I can't wait to do it again one day... That is if I can convince Jarrod that he really did have as much fun keeping the girls as I had running in mud!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April Showers

It's definitely getting wedding season around here! For the past two weekends, we have been lucky to be able to attend two sweet wedding showers! 

Jarrod's cousin Taylor is getting married in a few weeks so we went to leave her well wishes at her shower!  Hadley just loves Taylor because she says she is like Taylor Swift because she has beautiful blonde hair plus she gets major bonus points for being a bride! I mean you might as well be a Princess in Hadley's eyes! It was a beautiful shower given by her aunts with so many thoughtful touches. They did an amazing job putting it all together. I can't believe I didn't get a single picture from it! I guess I was too busy chasing my sugar filled children who somehow managed to fall and bruise up her whole cheek... How does that even happen at a wedding shower?!?

This past weekend, several ladies and I hosted a tea at church for my sweet friend Bethany who is also getting married soon. I recruited some excellent help and everything turned out real well! 
We have a really pretty tea room at our church so it doesn't take a lot to make it really nice for a tea! 

I used my floristry skills with a little Old Time Pottery and Melesa magic and made the floral arrangement for the table. I was seriously pretty impressed with how it turned out!   I had ordered a pretty wooden monogram for the shower but of course it came in the day after! So I found a pretty letter to take it's place instead.

I forgot to get a picture of the whole table before it was picked over but the cake was absolutely beautiful! We have some very talented women in our church who did an amazing job making the cake! And  it tasted absolutely wonderful!! 
I cut a few blooms from outside and tied some burlap and ribbon around some Mason jars for the table centerpieces. I mean doesn't burlap and Mason jars work for everything? It's really almost impossible to mess up!

I loved being able to celebrate with these lovely brides and am so looking forward to their weddings in a few weeks! I know they will both be beautiful! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fun and Busy

We had such a fun filled and busy weekend! Friday night was Elkmont's prom and Hadley was so excited to get to go see Eli and his girlfriend all dressed up! And needless to say in full Hadley fashion, she picked out her "prom clothes" to join in as well.
She was so excited to get all dressed up and join the fun!
She said it was the perfect prom night! And I may be a little biased but aren't Eli and Raleigh a good looking couple?

Saturday was a super busy day! We started out the day at the ballfield to watch our nephew play tee ball. Of corse we had to have a snow cone! And they actually shared nicely! 

After the game, we took the girls to meet baby Hudson! HC fell asleep on the way and totally slept through the whole visit but Hadley was so excited to finally get to hold "Leslie's baby" that she had been waiting what seemed like forever to meet!

After we all loved on Hudson a bit, we hurried off to a birthday party for our sweet little friend Marley! Both of the girls had a great time eating cake and playing with the other kids! 
Pretty sure the piƱata an Blowpops were the biggest hit though!

After the party we had to go to Old Time Pottery to get some things for a wedding shower so the girls and I called my friend Melesa to tag along with us! Thankfully the girls each had a good little power nap on the way!

We finally got home after dark and I started playing florist while the girls got bathed and settled down. I am sure the neighbors thought I was crazy outside with my flashlight snipping blooms off of the plants!
We finally all crashed before we had to start another busy day on Sunday! 

I hosted a shower at church for my sweet friend Bethany Sunday afternoon. Thankfully I had some really great help and it all turned out great! (More on it to come in a later post) I was so very thankful this was an indoor event because it came a huge flood all afternoon on Sunday! And big thanks to a new bigger car...  I had that thing packed to the max!

We had a busy busy weekend but filled with lots of fun! Makes me tired just recapping it all!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

Wooohoooo Mommy finally got a new car!!

A couple of years ago, I convinced myself that I didn't need a big car.  So I sold my fully loaded (including DVD player) nice spacious seven passenger Buick Rendezvous and bought me a nice little basic features fuel efficient itty bitty Honda Civic.  As much as I loved my 40 miles per gallon little car, it just wasn't ideal for our busy life with two small children.  So after much deep thought and some wheeling and dealing, we finally traded in my trusty ole civic for a new Jeep Cherokee!  And I could not be happier!!!

I just really didn't realize how bad my little car was until I upgraded to my new car! I am so excited to have so much more room without giving up decent fuel economy and the comfort and convenience of the new jeep is just sooo nice! The girls love it! Jarrod loves it! Mommy loves it! Big win for the Harrison house!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baby Love

I was so excited to finally get to meet sweet baby Hudson! There are not many things in this world that are sweeter than holding a newborn baby.

I am sooo excited for our dear friends Ben and Leslie and their new little boy! They are so wonderful with my girls and I know they are going to be the best parents! I am so thankful the girls have another new little friend and look forward to the many fun memories to share with them all! 

Congratulations to our BFFFEs!!!

And no.... I don't have baby fever now!! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Big Ugly Cry

I sat down this morning and just had me a big ugly cry! With big crocodile tears and snot! My heart has just been overwhelmed lately with both joy and grief. I have been so busy caught up in the every day of life that I haven't stopped to allow myself to really think about all the things on my heart and lift them up in prayer. 

While one dear friend grieves the loss of her baby today, another dear friend prepares to welcome her baby boy! Three sweet ladies in my life are battling cancer while another is recovering from a stroke. Some of my sweet friends are struggling so hard for a baby or a husband or a better job. One is fighting for her marriage and her home. I have been blessed with some really great women in my life that just mean so much to me and it breaks my heart when something is troubling them. It's tough to not worry and stay strong all the time.

A friend of mine posted yesterday about her fertility struggles and shared this verse...

"But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me." -2 Cor 12:9

I have to remind myself of this as I struggle to understand why so many people have to hurt sometimes. I know God has greater plans and everything that happens is so Christ can work through us in his timing.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Eggs and Grapefruit-- the perfect breakfast

I have really been trying to cut out wheat and dairy from my diet.  I don't have celiac disease and I am not lactose intolerant... I can just tell that my body doesn't handle these things well.  They just make me feel yucky when I eat too much and I have just read too many bad things about how our bodies can struggle with digesting these things .  Yes I know everything I read on the internet is not true but I can tell that wheat and dairy just don't help me out much.

That being said... breakfast can be a little tougher to find.  It seems like our breakfast aisles are full of cereals, poptarts, pastries, and bagels.  Or if you don't want those, have a yogurt.  It's easy to eat on the go.  I already get up super early in the mornings so I don't really have time (or don't want to make time) to cook breakfast every morning.  I've tried smoothies but they seem to take too much time as well and don't fill me up. It's just mental with me hat I have to have food on a plate and not just a drink.  So I have found the perfect solution that I have been eating for breakfast most days for the last several weeks.  Boiled eggs with grapefruit.  I boil a batch of eggs at the first of the week so I can just throw them in my bag with a grapefruit in the mornings to have a easy healthy breakfast ready in seconds.

Plus there are a ton of health benefits that I have searched the internet (because it must be true if it's on the internet right?) and found for both grapefruit and eggs!
- Eggs are fulfilling and very few calories.
- Eggs contain a little bit of almost every nutrient important to our health.
- Eggs can help with brain development and memory.
- Eggs contain nutrients that benefit your eyes.
- Grapefruit strengthens the immune system.
- Grapefruit is known to boost metabolism.
- Grapefruit protects your body against kidney stones, gum disease, and some cancers.
- Grapefruit reduces STRESS!  And Lord knows I need that!!

So if you are looking for a good healthy breakfast, I highly recommend this easy combination! Throw in a cup of coffee and voila!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Glory Days

My aunt asked me to come speak to her team for a little devotional today. I am a horrible speaker so I was pretty nervous but playing softball at Calhoun was such a special time of my life that I wanted to share with them! 

I talked to them about Colossians 3:23 and doing everything with all your heart and giving 100% even when it's not the easiest to do. I told them about what wonderful memories they are making and how they will look back on this time as one of the best times of their lives so they don't want to look back with any regrets about not giving it their all. I told them there will never be another time where their job is a student athlete because they will soon be wives and mothers and teachers and nurses and things will change so to cherish this time and strive to give 100%. I also reminded them how much they influence each other so to try and motivate one another to be the best. I'm afraid I appeared to them as an old-phoney-has-been that is horrible at giving speeches but I hope maybe I gave them a small piece of wisdom or advice anyways!

I seriously loved my time at Calhoun! The friends I made are still some of my very best friends and the times shared with them are still some of my favorite memories! There really is nothing like being on a college softball team and it was such a special time that I still cherish dearly!

And... my wonderful aunt gave me my old jersey!! I was probably a little too excited about this but it is something that is seriously so special to me and has now taken it's place as one of my most prized posessions!! 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

We had such a wonderful day celebrating Easter.  We enjoyed a nice Easter service at church and then spent the afternoon eating lots of sweets, hunting eggs, and spending time with family... even though it was pretty much impossible to get a decent picture of everyone in their sweet spring frocks!