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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Happened

Seriously where did January go?  Did we not just have Christmas like yesterday? 

We've had a pretty low key month which I am more than thankful for after running around like crazy people the last few months.  Besides a few colds day and a small threat for some snow flurries, the weather has been unseasonably warm and I am not complaining one bit about that!

Last week, Hadley celebrated her 100th day of school and just HAD to have a 100th day shirt to celebrate.  So super crafty mom here helped her google a few ideas and she came up with a caterpillar shirt with 100 dots.  She did the majority of the shirt all by herself and I must confess that I was a little impressed with how cute it looked.  As I have mentioned many times before, crafting is NOT my thing but we try to do enough to get by and have something somewhat presentable.  

Hadley missed Grandparents Day at school a while back because she was sick so she finally got to have her own little personal Grandparents Day at school last week.  Her Papa and Babu went and ate lunch with her one day and she was so excited.  We are so thankful for our grandparents!

We've had a fun month getting back to AWANA at our church.  We had crazy hair night this week and the kids all had a really fun time fixing their crazy hair.  Of course, HC decided she didn't really want to wear hers so she brought her Lucy doll along and carried her around all night holding her troll hair on her.  I finally convinced her to put it on herself long enough for me a to get a picture before the night was over though.

We have a very fun filled February coming up!  We have lots of fun activities at church and some fun parties on the calendar.  Plus we go to Disney World to run the kids races and the half marathon in a few weeks and we are all getting so super excited about it!  I know it will be here before we know it! 


Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekday Routines

I have been over at Kelly's Korner today reading about her routines.  I have this weird fascination with hearing about other peoples' routines and how they get it all done day to day so I figured why not share mine too.  I always have people asking me about it so figured I could share my normal every day routine too.

My alarm goes off at 5:00.  I get up, shower, and start the coffee before everyone else begins to stir.  Jarrod gets up after me and is out the door by 5:40ish or so.  He literally wakes up, showers, and gets ready in like less than 20 minutes each morning.  He takes his breakfast and lunch with him almost every day so I try to get it all together and ready before he leaves.  I finish packing bags and laying out coats and then sit down at my desk and read my devotional and just piddle around for a few minutes until time to get ready.  I  pick out clothes for me and the girls at the beginning of the week so I don't have to worry about that in the mornings and I only wash my hair a few days a week so those are huge helps!  I get ready and then wake up the girls about 6:00 if they haven't already woken up on their own before then.  They watch TV and eat their breakfast while I finish getting ready and then I fix their hair.  My dad comes about 6:15 to stay with them until school time.  I have to be at work by 7:00 and it is a 35+ minute drive so I try to be out the door right after he gets there.  Hadley rides to school with my sister so she comes and gets her and my dad drops HC off at either the babysitter or preschool depending on the day.  I almost always eat my breakfast either on my way or once I get to work.

Lunch -
I really try to be productive with my lunch times.  I pretty much always take my lunch to work so that I can spend that time doing other things.  It varies a little bit depending on the week.  Mondays are usually my busiest days at work so I usually stay in at lunch and catch up on everything.  I use this time to pay bills and work on my budget or make appointments and phone calls and such.  Once I get caught up on that, I read for a few minutes until my lunch time is over.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I try to go for a short run during lunch and I use Wednesdays to run errands.  This is kind of my "me" time I guess you would say.

Evening -
My parents pick up the girls from school and daycare most days.  I don't get home until about 5:15 or so and Jarrod has baseball practice until at least then.  Jarrod and I are so thankful for our parents' help with the girls.  I am not sure what we would do without them!  Mondays and Thursdays are our come home days so I just pick up the girls as soon as I get off and head home.  I start dinner as soon as we walk in the door and then check bags and do homework and stuff while it cooks.  On Tuesdays and Fridays the girls have dance and on Wednesdays, we go to church so those evenings are a little different but we try to at least stick to our normal bed time routine as much as possible.  Jarrod gives the girls their baths around 7 or so while I clean up the kitchen and pack lunchboxes for the next day.  I lay down with the girls and we read a few books at bedtime.  I try to have them asleep between 8 and 8:30 most nights.  After they go to sleep, I either pick up the house and fold laundry or read and blog or just work on whatever needs to be done before I go to bed. I am asleep most nights between 9:30 and 10:00.

Cleaning -
I try to do a little bit each day but honestly I spend a lot of weekends catching up on housework.  I would love to be one of those people that does specific chores each day and never has to have a marathon cleaning day but that just doesn't work for me right now.  I do try to do the dishes each night and laundry a few times throughout the week so that helps a little bit but to tell the truth, I only make beds when I change the sheets or have company coming and I just do the rest of the stuff as needed.  I am not a big clean freak but I do like things to be in their place and piles of junk really bother me.   

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Can we just take a moment or two to discuss Beaches?  A few months ago when I heard that Lifetime was making a remake of the movie, I got so excited!  I had seen the older version several times and it was one of my favorites.  I loved the characters and their friendship over all the years.  They were so different from each other but so connected.  I had never read the book that the movie was adapted from so I ordered a fancy $3 used copy for myself and read it over the Christmas holidays.  As much as I loved the movie, the book was 10 times better.  There were several contrasts between the book and the movie but overall, the story stayed the same.

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read or watched it before but if you can finish the whole thing without shedding a tear, you are one tough cookie!  So this past weekend after the kids went to sleep, I parked myself in front of the TV to bask in the splendor of a little uninterrupted Lifetime movie night.  The remake was just as good as the first one.  They did have a few changes but it was pretty much on point with the first version of the movie…. especially with the music. Idena Menzel could belt those big tunes just as powerful as Bette Midler did which I must say I LOVED both.  But for some reason, I thought I could sit there and watch the end without sobbing uncontrollably like I did with all the other times I read/watched the book/movie and I was very wrong. I mean I literally sobbed.  

Even though I looked like a puffy eyed snotty faced crazy woman when it was over, it was still a great movie.  Their friendship reminds me so much of so many of my friends who though we come from completely different backgrounds and live totally separate lives,  I know they would drop whatever they were doing for me if I needed them.  I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a great chick flick!   

Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Happenings

I have been so terrible at chronicalling my life lately. Between totally flopping on my whole 30 attempt, getting back in the swing of things, and spending as much time outside in this little mini spring going on in January, I just haven't found the time to share much! So time for a little catch up of our life through pictures...

 I'm still attempting to get my life and my nutrition together. Those things just so easily fall to the wayside. I really need to work on committing and creating better habits for myself but it's just been such a struggle for me lately. You know that feeling when you just feel like you can't catch up and just can't get it all together... When the laundry is never ending and the sink always seems to be overflowing with dirty dishes and your to do list just keeps growing and growing. That has so been me lately. Praying I can get it all organized soon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Reading List

If you know me at all, you know that I love to read.  I almost always keep a book beside my bed, in my car, in my purse, on my desk, on my phone, or really just anywhere that I can pick up and read when I have a moment.  I am really trying to be more intentional with the my time and while yes being lost in a book, may not always be considered productive, I do feel like it is better than scrolling mindlessly through my social media feeds.  I have decided that I don't really care too much for a numerical reading goal because it makes me feel forced and pressured to read and I can't enjoy it as much but I do want a little more variety in my reading this year.

I always have the hardest time picking out what I want to read.  I tend to find a reading list or some recommendations and then buy a bunch of books but never get around to reading them.  Or I get stuck on one author or genre.  My mom sent me a reading challenge a few weeks ago so I did a little editing to it based on some other reading challenges I had seen and came up with this to make my reading list a little easier and more organized this year...

I have a few of the books already planned but I would love to get some recommendations for some of them as well.  So if you know of any good books, please send them my way! What are you planning to read this year?  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

To all you wives out there...

I ran across this article the other day and it slapped me right in the face.  Her words are spot on and so moving.  Why is it that we so often tend to treat the ones that we love the most with our ugliest faces? Take a moment and please hop over to this blog and read Debbie’s post.

As a wife and mother, we have so much on our plates. Jarrod helps out ALOT but I feel as the wife, the housekeeping falls mainly on me and honestly it gets very frustrating and daunting when it seems so neverending. (No, obviously, I am not some anti-feminist that thinks a woman’s place is at home barefoot and pregnant slaving away in the kitchen. I am better at housework therefore, I feel responsible for most of the housework.  Jarrod is better at mowing the yard and fixing things, therefore, those jobs are his responsibility but that is another topic for another day).  Our husbands are never going to be the perfect person we want them to be.  They are wired differently than us and no matter how much we nag and complain, we can’t change them to be someone they are not.  Instead, let’s try to appreciate all that they do do for us.  So next time you go to rag him about leaving half empty water bottles all over the house, clothes on the floor, or sitting in the chair watching the hunting channel while you are trying to get dressed, clean up the spilled juice and break up your kids wrestling match all while being on hold with the cable company, just stop and think that there are so many women out there who don’t have that someone to share their life with and would do just about anything to get that dirty clothes pile back for just one more day.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Back to Life

We have gone back to the real world this week after a much needed little break.  Besides fighting a horrible cold and a mean stomach bug over the break, we had a pretty great time sleeping in with no schedule to be on.

It is only day 4 for me on the Whole30 and so far, I am staying on par.  I was really motivated and prepared this week so it hasn’t been too bad.  Let’s just hope I stay in that mode for a while.  

So far this week, I have made
and a big batch of sauteed chicken and veggies.  I have pretty much eaten a mix of eggs, sausage, spinach, and mushrooms for breakfast each day and I made this Tomatillo Avocado Salsa that I have been putting on everything.  It is pretty delicious.  I also discovered Tessemae Dressings that are life savers!  Seriously, I never thought I would like a dressing like this but these are so good!  The zesty ranch is my favorite that I have tried so far. I have been snacking on some fruits, larabars, and chopped veggies and have managed so far to not steal a single bite from the kids plates (even when they got McDonalds the other night).

In other news…

Hadley got a big girl hair cut this week.  She has been telling me for months that she wanted it cut to her shoulders so I finally let her.  And it looks so stinking cute.  She comments several times a day about how much she loves her hair cut.

I am really trying to stay on top of things this year and stay organized and not stress over the little things so much. I know this year is going to fly by so fast so I am just really trying to take it all in and enjoy it as much as we can. Looking forward to our long weekend thanks to the snow day for tomorrow! I just hope it actually snows or I am going to have some disappointed little girls.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Helloooooo Whole30

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to Paleo/Whole30 and I had really great results.  I love the idea of being completely committed to eating whole real foods and eliminating added sugars, dairy, and grains.  I don’t always have the willpower and accountability to stick to it like I should though.  However, I have signed up for a new Whole30 group that begins today and I am really excited and motivated right now to really commit to it.  January tends to slow down for us a bit so it is the perfect time for me to dive into the program.  

It takes a lot of planning and prepping so I have been busy getting it all together so I will be ready to jump in full force. I found some really great tools around the internet and there is support galore through our Facebook group as well as tons of books and recipes and blogs to help as well.  I am trying to keep things simple and easy so I can stay on track 100%.  Looking forward to kicking off the new year with Whole30 and hopefully sharing my (successful) experience!