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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

We've had such a fun filled Halloween weekend!  We had Fall Fest at church on Sunday night.  It was so much fun and the kids had a blast playing all the little carnival games.  On Monday, we partied at work and with Hadley's class at school and then we spent the evening trick or treating in our neighborhood.  I couldn't tell you the last time I remember trick or treating in shorts and tshirts but I definitely prefer that over the cold and rain we have had the last few years.  Our Alice in Wonderland costumes may have just been my favorite ever.  And Jarrod was even a great sport about it.

It's really been a great Halloween!  Sorry for the picture overload -- well not really sorry! Enjoy!


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fun Run 2016

Hadley's school held their annual Fun Run fundraiser at school yesterday and the kids all had a blast! The weather was so nice! This year's theme was a Ninja Warrior course with lots of fun obstacles. Hadley said it was the best day ever...not sure if that's because she got to participate in the fun run or because she got a snow cone and got to dance when she was finished! Either way, she loved it and enjoyed a fun day with her friends.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Disney Half Training

I am the type of person that tends to really overthink and complicate things.  I try to do too much and it becomes overwhelming.  In the past, when I get my mind on something I research and half way follow some plan that I have found online or in a magazine but then I find myself jumping around and not even truly following anything really and in the end, just feel like I am no better off than when I started.

But, today I am officially starting my training for the Disney Princess Half and I am going at it a little differently than I have in the past.. as in I am actually going to really really try to stick to running plan as well as be a little more focused on my nutrition and what I am fueling my body with.  I really love going back and looking at my running/training posts and tracking my progress so I am hoping to do a better job of documenting it all here. 

Disney sent me this pretty training plan to follow and it seems simple enough.  I am going to shift my running days during the week to Mondays and Wednesdays though and I will probably have to do most of them during lunch.  Jarrod has signed up for this half with me so I am hoping we can do a good bit of training together but with our work schedules and with the girls, we will probably just have to get most of our short runs in when we can. 

I am probably more excited about this race than any ever so I really want to work hard and do it well.  I feel like I have been all over the place lately (mentally that is) so I am really looking forward to jumping on board and committing myself to get it all back in order a little better.  So wish me luck and stay tuned my friends!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just another week in October..

What a busy week we had last week...  I feel like I have so much to catch up on!

It is finally starting to feel a little bit like fall here so we finally got to bring out the long sleeves and boots!

Hadley has been loving school!  She got to make a fun poster, received her first excellent report card, and even got to get an award!

My sister had a birthday and we celebrated with a little girls night.  Connor's + Target + Cake = the BEST!

Jarrod finally killed a big ole deer and was super excited!  

I played in the Alumni Game at Calhoun and had a ton of fun catching up with some of my favorite people.  Ten years and ten babies later...

And we had Western Night at AWANA!  

Fun times! We are so looking forward to another busy week full of fall fun!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Pasts

So it’s October and the Halloween festivities are approaching quickly!  I love dressing up for Halloween!  Even though Jarrod hates it, he is usually a pretty good sport and joins in on whatever awful family costume I make him wear.  I was going through some old posts and realized I never shared most of these, so I figured I would do a little revisiting in prep for the upcoming holiday festivities.


In 2013, HC was just a little baby and Hadley wasn’t really old enough to have an opinion so I dressed them up as Little Bo Peep and her little sheep.  I mean is that not just so stinking precious?

In 2014, everything was all about Frozen and Hadley insisted on being Elsa.  I ordered HC a cute little Olaf hat that didn’t come in on time so her little Olaf costume wasn’t quite up to par but they were a pretty cute duo anyways.  I homemade Jarrod and I’s Anna and Kristof  costumes and I must say I was pretty proud of my crafty work… Jarrod not so much but he is such a good sport about it!


Last year, we went as a superhero family.  HC was obsessed with Wonder Woman and so we built off that.  I talked Hadley into being Supergirl and then picked up some tshirts and masks for Jarrod and I.  I am pretty sure Jarrod only wore his for about 2 seconds but hey we still got a good family picture though.

I am super excited about this year’s costumes but am still having to do a little persuading for Jarrod to go with it.  The girls already have their costumes and I am still working on pulling ours together but I am really looking forward to it!