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Monday, February 29, 2016

Living Well Spending Less

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago about how I am really working to
change some of my bad habits and stop spending so much time and money
worrying over all the stuff I think I have to have.  I am really
trying to be more content and over the last few weeks, as I have made
conscious effort to do this, I can honestly say that I feel more
content and just better about it all.

That being said, one of the books I ran across recently was Living
Well and Spending Less by Ruth Soukup.  I ran across her blog awhile
back and have really enjoyed reading many of her posts and using some
of her tools to not only reign in my spending and work on my budget,
but also to find that contentment and happiness to live better.  This
book is really great.  Not sure I would call it absolutely life
changing, but definitely very inspiring.  It really made me think
about what I bought and why I bought it.  She touches on a ton of
scripture and gives me challenges throughout the book that really make
stop and focus on the important things... not just the stuff in my

I am not going to touch on every point here because you can find it
all on her blog but there are a few of the challenges I want to pursue
in the next few weeks that I hope to share as I go through them
(mainly for the accountability part).

One is purging the stuff that I have in my home-- my house is full of
clothes and toys and all kinds of trinkets that I have collected over
the years.  Each week during the next month, I plan to clean out and
overhaul one area of my home.  I hope to give you an update as I go.
Week 1 - Toys
Week 2 - Kitchen
Week 3 -   Clothes
Week 4 - Garage
Week 5 - Junk Room

The other challenge she suggests that I really love but I am just not
quite committed enough to follow all the way through with it is her
Living Well, Spending Zero month.. meaning spending absolutely nothing
on anything but absolute essentials and some perishable food items.
No buying anything extra or eating out!  I am going to follow this as
close as I can but due to some events planned this month and just some
circumstances in our life at the moment (aka a big girl birthday
coming up and my child's rapidly growing foot), I am going to have to
tailor this a little but still plan to keep the spending at a very
minimum.  You can join in her real challenge here if you are really
interested www.livingwellspendingless.com

I highly highly recommend this book to anyone who has gotten sucked up
into the materialism of this world or if you are just wanting to
refocus your spending habits.  Not only does she give some great tips
on ways to do this, this book also helps us to learn how to be content
with what we have and truly live a better life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gatlinburg 2016

We have been talking about visiting Gatlinburg for years and I was so excited to finally get to go. Our good friends Jared and Meighan accompanied our crew and thankfully they returned still semi-sane after spending 4 days with us!

We stayed in a really cute cabin up on the mountain with some beautiful views.

There is so much to do in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area so we had a hard time deciding what all to do! We visited the downtown Gatlinburg strip and ate breakfast at the Pancake Pantry. I can't believe I let Hadley eat m&m pancakes with peanut butter syrup for breakfast but this smile was so worth it! 

Our favorite was the Alpine Coaster in Pigeon Forge! We all loved it!

And the Titanic museum was really nice.. Even the girls seemed to enjoy it.

And what's a trip to Gatlinburg without a visit to the Old Time Photos!

We ate lots of really good food but I would say my favorite was the Old Mill! Pretty sure we all stuffed ourselves there!

We had such a great time and I'm looking back to visiting again soon!

I have way more photos to share but I'll save those for another day!

#harriswinvacay was a great success!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's

It's been such a fun week at the our house. We've spent lots of time with family and friends partying and even made a trip to Academy to purchase our very first tball supplies! Looking forward to a fun filled spring ahead!

Love al my little Valentine's so much!

Friday, February 12, 2016


For the past few months, God has really been speaking to me and pushing me to stop focusing so much on all these worldly "treasures."  We all like nice things.  All my life, I have wanted everything the world has told me I should want...  a nice car, a big pretty house, a closet full of stylish clothes.  And as much as I try to tell myself that I don't think that way, I look at all my belongings and see just how far I have been sucked into it all.  It's sad and even a little sickening.  The materialism just seems to grow and grow and is somewhat overwhelming when I stop and take a step back and just look at it all.  

I can just feel God speaking to me over and over again telling me that I don't need all that.  I can just feel him pushing me to stop getting so caught up in it all and encouraging me to focus my time and energy and resources on Him and on others instead of planning my wardrobe or remodeling my bedroom.  It seems like one thing after another has popped up right in front of me and finally caught my attention.  From some inspiring ladies to some financial circumstances and even to seeing my own kids mimicking the behavior they see in me.  It has just finally made me stop and reevaluate some things. 

I constantly feel like I am in a horrible loop of searching for contentment in my life.. too much if and when and if and when...

"If I just had one more dress, then I would be content with my wardrobe.."
"When I redo my kitchen, then I will content with my home..."
"If my kids had that, then they would be happier.."

It is just so frustrating to constantly live like that and I just feel like I should do something about it.  I'm not quite sure exactly what He is wants me to do but I know God is pushing me to replace this materialism and discontentment with something that glorifies Him...something better than a pretty house or a fancy outfit. 

I'm not going to lie... It's a tough struggle every day but by deliberately focusing more on Him and less on this world, I can overcome it. This world constantly tells us we need more and more and it's very tough not to get lost in it all.  The Bible warns us over and over again of getting caught up in all of these worldly things and to focus on our heavenly treasures.  I want to focus more on those heavenly treasures than these passing things here on his earth.

"Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal;  20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." -Matthew 6:19-21

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Zesty Lemon Rancher Chicken

Several months ago, I discovered Wildtree products and I have really loved the ones I have tried so far. My favorite is the Zesty Lemon Grapeseed Oil.  I use olive oil and coconut oil in my cooking all the time so I thought, why not try grapeseed as well!  My only regret with it so far is that I didn't buy a bigger bottle!  I use it on all kinds of foods.  It is a very easy way to add a little extra flavor to our meals.

One of my favorites I have tried is this Zesty Lemon Rancher Chicken.  It is quick, easy, and only requires one pan!

- 1 lb Chicken Breast (I used tenderloins)
- 1.5 tbs Zesty Lemon Grapeseed Oil
- 2 tbs Wildtree Rancher Steak Rub 

On the stovetop, heat the Grapeseed oil in pan.  Add in chicken and coat with the oil.  Rub chicken with rancher rub and cook on medium-high for about 15-20 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked.  ((This time may vary depending on your circumstances.  You could also cook in the oven if your prefer but I am a fan of the stovetop the most.))

Once cooked, remove from stovetop and serve!  Easy as that!  And you only have to clean up one pan!