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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Pasts

So it’s October and the Halloween festivities are approaching quickly!  I love dressing up for Halloween!  Even though Jarrod hates it, he is usually a pretty good sport and joins in on whatever awful family costume I make him wear.  I was going through some old posts and realized I never shared most of these, so I figured I would do a little revisiting in prep for the upcoming holiday festivities.


In 2013, HC was just a little baby and Hadley wasn’t really old enough to have an opinion so I dressed them up as Little Bo Peep and her little sheep.  I mean is that not just so stinking precious?

In 2014, everything was all about Frozen and Hadley insisted on being Elsa.  I ordered HC a cute little Olaf hat that didn’t come in on time so her little Olaf costume wasn’t quite up to par but they were a pretty cute duo anyways.  I homemade Jarrod and I’s Anna and Kristof  costumes and I must say I was pretty proud of my crafty work… Jarrod not so much but he is such a good sport about it!


Last year, we went as a superhero family.  HC was obsessed with Wonder Woman and so we built off that.  I talked Hadley into being Supergirl and then picked up some tshirts and masks for Jarrod and I.  I am pretty sure Jarrod only wore his for about 2 seconds but hey we still got a good family picture though.

I am super excited about this year’s costumes but am still having to do a little persuading for Jarrod to go with it.  The girls already have their costumes and I am still working on pulling ours together but I am really looking forward to it!

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