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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Closet Favorites

Several months ago, I posted about the Project 333 I was trying to do with my wardrobe.  I have to admit that I stuck to it pretty good for a few months but I may have broken the rule a little bit about not buying anything new and I may have pulled a few extra pieces back out of storage so my project was more like a Project503 (50 pieces of clothes for 3 months).

But..... This time I am doing better!  Winter seems so boring and gloomy to me so what better time to revamp my project!  And this time I did a little better planning and am really sticking to the rules!  I still have more like 40 pieces and I don't count shoes or jewelry but it's my version of the game so I get to make the rules right? 

Some of the closet favorites are...

Jessica Simpson Kiss Me Super Skinny Jeans in black and dark blue... these are the BEST!  I wear them pretty much every day!
Jessica Simpson Kiss Me Super Skinny Jean
My other bottoms include a black skirt and my mustard skinnies.

I also found this perfect Cynthia Rowley dress at Belk a couple of months ago and added it as a staple!
CYNTHIA Cynthia Rowley Pieced Bodice A-Line Dress
I loaded my tops with mainly black, grey, and tans.  I also have a few red and some mint pieces to add a little color to the mix. 

As far as accessories go, my scarves and boots are a MUST for the winter months!  I keep saying I am going to take pics of my stuff and use one of those fun closet apps to really get it all organized but ain't nobody got time for that it just hasn't made it to the top of my to do list yet! I will try to do a better job documenting this time!  I hope to look back on it down the road and not be like oh my word what was I thinking wearing that - but I am pretty sure my kids will be like skinny jeans? scarves? How uncool!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Taco Rolls

Jarrod commented the other night that I never make the same thing twice so last night for supper, I fell back to an oldy but goody with a little tweaking to it... Taco Rolls (originally taco ring or taco pie but I kinda combined the two).
- 1 can reduced fat cresent rolls (yes I know these are not 100% clean and nutritious but I have to have a little compromise for the famliy and I haven't had time -or want to-  to whip up my own dough)
- 1 lb ground beef (I used Kirkland Organic from Costco)
- 1 cup shredded cheese
- taco seasoning (I made this)
Heat oven according to cresent roll package.  Brown meat and drain fat.  Mix in taco seasoning.  Lay out crescent rolls and place a spoonful of meat and a little cheese in each one and roll up.  Bake about 10-15 minutes.  (Sorry I am a terrible recipe writer but hopefully you can figure it out).
Each roll is about 270 calories so I had 2 with a side salad.  The girls each had one and Jarrod had the other 4 so they must not have been too bad!     

Monday, December 1, 2014

Veggie Vinegar Salad

I love this beautiful and delicious salad.  It is super easy to make and tastes great!  I originally made it to take as a side dish for Thanksgiving but I made another batch just for me to take for lunch this week.  The whole recipe is less than 500 calories so you can have a ton of it if you want or add a little something to go with it.  I divided mine into 4 storage bowls so I would have a quick lunch action to grab out of the fridge. 

- 1 can each or 2 cups each of carrots, green beans, and niblet corn.
- 1 red onion sliced.
- 1 green bell pepper chopped
- about a cup of apple cider vinegar
- about a 1/2 cup of sugar (You can just kinda test the sugar and vinegar to your liking)
Mix together in a bowl and chill for about an hour!  It is soo yummy!