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Saturday, July 30, 2016

How is it the end of July?

How in the world is July almost over? This summer has flown by so fast! I cannot believe that we go back to school in just a little over a week!

This past week, we celebrated my MeeMees birthday!

We got a little extra time with our Little daycare friends at a baby shower for another sweet little friend coming soon.

And we went to a family gathering at the park to celebrate my cousins recent marriage.

And somehow I managed to not take hardly any pictures at all this week! O well!

We are looking forward to joining this last week of summer before our little world changes completely next week when we start "real" school and preschool and try to find a new normal! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

We finally had a weekend when we didn't have a million things going on.  It was so nice to finally get to catch up on some stuff around the house!

Friday evening, the girls went to spend a little time with their grandparents so Jarrod and I got in a little day date. We took a quick little trip to town and ran some errands before grabbing some hot wings at Crickets! How romantic!

Saturday we played around and then Hadley was invited to her friend's pool party. It stormed the whole time but the girls had the best time catching up with her little preschool friends.

After church today, Hadley went home with our friends Jared and Meighan so she could go shopping for her birthday (yes we are still birthdaying). She came home with a bag full of clothes that she picked out herself! Pretty sure Hadley wore them out as much as she did them though! 

Sunday evening, we got to enjoy some time at our Sunday school picnic. We always love getting together with our friends from our class and letting the kids all play. Even though it was a little hot, we still had a lot of fun! I love our class!

On another note... Hadley told me she wished her name was Galleria! What?! I swear sometimes if she didn't look so much like her daddy, I'd wonder where she came from!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Big Six

Hadley turned six this past weekend, and we celebrated all weekend long!  She wanted a pool party at her Gigi's house with a rainbow six cake so that is just what she got.  We had a simple little family party Friday night.  It was supposed to rain but the weather ended up being really nice and the kids all had a blast.  Hadley said it was her best birthday party ever!

Sunday was full of more partying.  After church, she was surprised with pizza and cookie cake at Meme and Papa's house and then came home to a birthday banner hanging on the garage thanks to her Babu.  We then went shopping so she could spend some of that birthday money burning a hole in her pocket.  She picked out a purse and some sunglasses that she had been eyeing for awhile.

After that, we went to dinner with some family and friends at Buena Vista where they got her with a big face full of cool whip that she said she was not so thrilled about.  It was a fun filled few days with lots of fun and some great memories.  I mean turning six is a BIG deal!


Sunday, July 17, 2016

And then you were six...

Hadley, how in the world are you six years old already?  A third of your childhood is already over and it has gone by way too fast!  You are so full of sass and such a diva.  You are the funniest child ever and your mouth never stops moving.  You love to dress up and play makeup and you always say you loooove fashion.  You love when people comment on your pretty blonde hair and spend lots of time admiring it yourself.   You are so creative and you love making paper dolls and art projects.  You love cooking and playing "mom."  You have an odd little fascination with the Titanic and you like to collect little trinkets and chapter books in your room.  

You are the boss everywhere you go.  You are always helpful and friendly but you can also be the slowest person in the world when you want to be.  But that's okay, I've just learned to let you take your time.  

Five was a big year for you!  You graduated preschool, played your first season of softball, and even had your first little solo in your ballet recital.  You have made lots of new friends and are getting ready for Kindergarten.  You have gone from a little full speed bald headed baby to a beautiful little girl on the go in the blink of an eye.  

I love watching you learn and grow and I am so excited to get to watch you bloom even more as you go to big school this year.  I know you will be just fine.  I just wish I could slow it all down just a little bit.  Happy Birthday big girl!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

That day we went a million places..

It seems like every thing on our calendar planned for July all fell on the same day... Today!

We started the morning at a Princess Pancake breakfast. It was a fundraiser and the girls loved getting to see all the princesses bringing them pancakes all morning!

After breakfast, I had to go by the consignment shop to pick up my check and Hadley found the formal dress room. She said that was her dream home!

Next, we headed to our little friend Levi's birthday party at a play gym. The girls had a blast running and jumping and flipping.

We left the party and did a quick clothes change and then headed back to Decatur to my cousins wedding. It was a sweet wedding and they had a "popcorn bar" complete with all kinds of popcorn and toppings including kettle corn (my very favorite).

We hurried back from the wedding and made it just in time to meet our cousins at the movies to see the Secret Life of Pets. It was a super cute movie and girls both loved it!

We've had a busy but super fun day! Now to get to bed early to get ready for a big six year old birthday happening at our house tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kindergarten Camp and Running Disney

Hadley started Kindergarten camp this week.  How is it even possible that I have a Kindergartener?!? I am so glad that my sister is teaching Kindergarten at Hadley's school this year.  Hadley is so excited about riding to school with Laura Leigh and I think it makes her feel a letter better about it all knowing she is so close if she needs anything.  Plus, I get extra pictures throughout the day!   

And some exciting news... Yesterday, I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon coming up in February!  I have wanted to do this for a very long time and am so excited about it!  Jarrod signed up to do it with me and I signed the girls up for the kids races.  Disney goes above and beyond on everything they put on and so I am expecting these races to be just as great!  Time to start training and planning another Disney trip!  I can't wait!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Holy Spirit Rain Down

This has been such an emotional week.  I had the honor of attending a memorial service for a very special man last night.  Brother Fred Lackey was one of the greatest men of God I have ever met.  He was my pastor growing up and led me to Christ when I was just a little girl sitting in his wood paneled office.  He was a very special friend to my family for many many years and I can only imagine how many other people his life has touched and changed.  I was just in awe last night as hundreds of people that he has touched gathered together worshiping our Savior and praising our God for the hope we find in Him that we can have power over death.  I pray my life reflects Jesus as much as Brother Fred's did.

Also this week, a sweet little four year old has been fighting for life.  I was just told that they have decided to turn off the machines and there is nothing else they can do for her.  My heart aches for her parents and family and I just cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through.

Both of these events have reminded me how quickly things can change.  We are all appointed a time to die, whether it be when we are four or when we are eighty.  We are only given so many moments on this Earth.  I pray that I live every single one of those moments to the fullest.  So tonight, I am holding my babies a little longer, talking to my loved ones a little longer, and praising the Lord that this is just a temporary home.

If you don't have that hope in the Lord and in the Heaven he has prepared for his children, I pray that the Lord speaks to you and you follow your heart and let Him in.  He wants to save every single one of us.  I am not a preacher or a fancy writer, but I am a girl who sat down with her sweet pastor 20+ years ago and asked her Heavenly Father to come into her heart and save her from her sins so that I may have everlasting life in Christ.  I know that I can place my faith and hope in Him. He is my comforter in times of death and sadness.  My hope and my redeemer.

They sang "Holy Spirit Rain Down" at Brother Fred's service.  I love this song so much.  Oh how we need Him in these times. 

Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down
Oh, Comforter and Friend
How we need Your touch again

Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down

Let Your power fall
Let Your voice be heard
Come and change our hearts
As we stand on Your word

No eye has seen, no ear has heard
No mind can know what God has in store
Open up Heaven, open it wide
Over Your church and over our lives

Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down

Let Your power fall
Let Your voice be heard
Come and change our hearts
As we stand on Your word
Holy Spirit, Rain Down.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July Weekend

We have had such a fun weekend celebrating the Fourth of July with our friends and family. We have partied all weekend!

We spent Friday night at our little friend Harper's birthday party. Saturday, we did some much needed catching up at home. I ordered the girls some new bedding and stuff for their rooms a few weeks ago and finally got around to getting it all set up. We played at the pool Saturday afternoon and ended the day with some delicious grilled teriyaki chicken and a new potato and brussel sprout recipe (maybe I will get around to sharing it soon).

Sunday, we had a cookout at church and then went to Jarrod's sisters to roast marshmallows and make ice cream.

Monday, we spent the day with my family at my moms pool and watched our neighbors shoot fireworks for a few minutes until the girls (and me) got scared and came inside. And I finally got a run in! I haven't exercised in almost two weeks and it was a definite struggle to say the least. I'm looking forward to getting back on that bandwagon this week though.

We've had a really great weekend! Between the long holiday weekend and our vacation last week, I have been off work for 12 days! Needless to say, I am not looking forward to going back to work this week.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beach Bums

We had the very best time at the beach this last week! We have vacationed at Orange Beach every summer for as long as I can remember but this was the first
time just the four of us went. We spent lots of time boogy boarding, making sand pies, napping, and eating! We also got in a game of putt putt and a trip to the movies! It was lots of fun and I so hated to come home but I guess it's time to head back to the real world.