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Sunday, July 17, 2016

And then you were six...

Hadley, how in the world are you six years old already?  A third of your childhood is already over and it has gone by way too fast!  You are so full of sass and such a diva.  You are the funniest child ever and your mouth never stops moving.  You love to dress up and play makeup and you always say you loooove fashion.  You love when people comment on your pretty blonde hair and spend lots of time admiring it yourself.   You are so creative and you love making paper dolls and art projects.  You love cooking and playing "mom."  You have an odd little fascination with the Titanic and you like to collect little trinkets and chapter books in your room.  

You are the boss everywhere you go.  You are always helpful and friendly but you can also be the slowest person in the world when you want to be.  But that's okay, I've just learned to let you take your time.  

Five was a big year for you!  You graduated preschool, played your first season of softball, and even had your first little solo in your ballet recital.  You have made lots of new friends and are getting ready for Kindergarten.  You have gone from a little full speed bald headed baby to a beautiful little girl on the go in the blink of an eye.  

I love watching you learn and grow and I am so excited to get to watch you bloom even more as you go to big school this year.  I know you will be just fine.  I just wish I could slow it all down just a little bit.  Happy Birthday big girl!

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