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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


My heart aches so tonight as I lay here in my warm and comfortable bed between two healthy, happy little girls because just a few towns over, another mama is hurting over the loss of her little one.

That mama is just like me. She has loved that little girl with all she has. She has prayed for her and cared for her. She has washed her dirty feet and changed her diapers. She has bought her baby dolls and dressed her in big bows and pretty dresses. But unlike me, that mama doesn't get to hold her little girl anymore and just the thought of her pain hurts me oh so much. I just can't imagine. But we both know there is still hope. Because that mama loves Jesus and she taught her baby to love Jesus and tonight, that sweet little girl is healthy and living with Jesus, twirling and playing and singing. And one sweet day, that mama will get to hold her baby again in the presence of her Heavenly Father. And oh what joy that will be! 

I have spent the last few months following Kayleigh's journey and reading her mom's posts every day about her illness and I have been just in awe over her unshakable faith in Christ. I pray that I am never in such a difficult situation. I can't even fathom the thought of having to tell my babies goodbye forever. But I pray that if I ever am, that I will stand strong in my faith knowing that no matter how much I love those girls, my God loves them even more and has big plans for them.

So tonight I am going to lie here just a little longer. I am going to pray for that mama, that God gives her superpower strength as she faces the days to come. I pray for comfort and peace to everyone whose lives that little girl touched. Then, I am going to thank God for the comfort he has given to me and for these two beautiful healthy babies. I am going to praise Him because even though we don't always understand his plans for this world, we know that He is in control and holds it all in his hands. And most of all, I am going to hold these babies close and thank God for the hope we have in Him!

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