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Sunday, February 12, 2017

To the High School Senior Athlete...

Dear High School Senior Athlete,

You are so close to graduation that you can taste it. You wake up and go to school each morning thinking I'm almost done! For most of you, these are the last days of your athletic career. Don't take it for granted. 

These are your last games, your last steps on that court. These are your last suicides and your last wall sits; your last two a days and your last rebounding drills. Don't skip them. Don't half way do them. You won't get another chance.

I know right now you have "better" things on your mind. There are boys and friends and cars and clothes to be worrying about. Prom is coming up. Senior skip day and graduation festivities. But don't look past these last few games of your life because of it. I can almost promise you that you will look back at these days and think I wish I had practiced a little harder. I wish I had stayed a little later and got in one more drill. I know I do. 

I was just like you at one time. I know what it feels like. But unlike you, I also know what it feels like when it's over. I know what it feels like to be so close to that final victory and miss it. I know what it is like to take off that precious jersey and walk out of that gym for the last time. You will miss it. You will miss those bus rides and those locker room chats. You will miss spending hours and hours with your teammates. After this season, you probably won't keep in touch with half of them so cherish every moment while you can.  

I hope you enjoy this last season. This last playoff. This last trip down the road to the championship. But more than anything I hope you give it your all... more than your all. The boys will still be there. The friends and the parties will too. But this won't. And you will miss it. And it will hurt. But that victory is so sweet and you don't want to miss it. You don't want to look back thinking if only I had given it a little more. So good luck to you dear High School senior athlete. May you cherish these times for years to come.. I know I still do. 


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