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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

I had every intention to get my house cleaned up and all packed and ready for our upcoming Disney World trip but considering the weather was absolutely perfect all weekend, we spent most of our time outdoors!

Hadley's teacher gives all the kids in her class with summer birthdays a special day throughout the year to celebrate their birthday at school and Hadley's happened to be on Friday. She requested a special donut treat to share with her class so HC and I took donuts at lunch for everyone.

Saturday was full of birthday parties as we celebrated some of our sweet little church friends! The girls had so much fun at all of them and were so full of sugar by the end of the day!

Jarrod and I got in one last long run before the half on Saturday and then headed over to downtown Madison to check out my friends new dress shop that's in the works. I can't wait to see it all come together soon!

Sunday was full of church happenings and playing outside at Papa's!  These two are such a mess together!

Monday was a holiday for all of us except for Jarrod so we went to watch my cousin play ball and then spent a little extra time outside soaking up some more of this beautiful weather before starting our extremely busy week ahead. We leave in a few days for our trip so we've got lots to do to get all ready for that but we are all very much looking forward to it!









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