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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Glasses, Coffee, and Hair

 I sat here for like ten minutes trying to think of a title for this blog post and came up with nothing so here you have it… sorry my creative juices are just not flowing very much at the moment.

We have had a fun but busy first week of February and I have taken a total of like 3 pictures.  

I scratched a big item off my Bucket List…  I went last week and chopped off a whopping like 8+ inches of my hair to donate to Wigs for Kids.  I am still trying to get used to short hair again but I am so happy to finally get to help some little girl somewhere feel beautiful.  

We had our first ever Mugs and Muffins for the young ladies in our church.  This has been a little idea of mine for awhile and I was so glad for it to finally come together and be so successful.  We all had a really great time drinking coffee and  enjoying some goodies and fellowship together.  We are planning on making it a monthly gathering and I am so excited about it!  (And we forgot to take a picture of course).

But the biggest and bestest news (according to Hadley anyways) was that her new glasses finally came in.  I took her to the eye doctor a few weeks ago and they recommended that she get glasses to help her vision.  Of course, she was thrilled and has asked every single day when they would get here.  We had to rush and pick them up as soon as they called that they were here and she has been just giddy ever since.  



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