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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Wedding Weekend

I love this time of year... Warm weather, longer days, and lots of weddings! 

We went to lunch with my family Friday morning and then Brynlee got to come over and play awhile.
We always love our play dates with BB... Especially when they all decide to take a nap at the same time! 

Friday night then consisted of a family date to the ball fields to watch my nephew Whit play ball followed by a trip to Kreme Delite with Babu! 

Saturday was busy as usual! I did get to "enjoy" a little time to myself early Saturday morning waiting in line to purchase recital tickets and grocery shopping. I mean what better way to spend a Saturday morning, right? I then hurried home so I could get a little time out in the yard to work on my flower beds before heading to a wedding! 

Hadley and I left the other two at home and ventured out to a sweet little farm in the middle of nowhere for a beautiful wedding!

My good friend from college got married Saturday! Courtney played ball with me at Calhoun and then we hooked my sister up with her brother and they kinda fell in love and got married so I guess that makes her my in-laws in-law?!?

And how adorable is this sweet flower girl and ring bearer (who also happen to be my niece and nephew)??

We also found a little time to squeeze in some Casa while Hadley caught up with her Gigi after she got home from her vacay. HC looooves her some chips and salsa!

We finished off the weekend with a little pool time... And house cleaning (boo-- why is it so never ending).

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Purple Dress

I was blessed with a very strong willed and opinionated daughter who is 100% girly girl with a large dose of a diva added on top. She loves clothes and makeup and jewelry and "sashion" and she also really loves her little purple dress. She is highly independent and hard headed and prissy. And that's what makes her the fancy little girl she is. 

I so love her for all that she is. She keeps me entertained (to say the least) with her performances and fashion shows but she  also tests my patience and some days I swear will make me gray headed before 30 due to our fights over what she wears... And she's not even 5 yet!!

The girl has a closet full of smocked dresses, dresses with bows and flowers, ruffle shorts, monogrammed tops, sweet little sandals, and big beautiful hair bows! And as much as she loves "sashion" her tastes is a little different than mine so every single day is a struggle when we have to get ready to go somewhere. 

So that all being said.... In comes the purple dress. She literally wears it every single day that it is clean. Not sure what it is that she loves so much about it but after our clothing debates every day, she somehow convinces me to settle on that purple dress every single time. 
So what's a mama to do when her child won't wear anything in her closet but the little purple knit dress? Why she orders 3 more in different colors! 
So please don't judge me if you happen to see my child in the same outfit every time you see her! Just please understand the struggle that goes on as I try to clothe my strong willed fashionista. I promise it's clean! We wash it every night!

And ps-- every one of these pictures are from different days over the past couple of weeks. I really am not exaggerating when I say she picks it every time! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Advocare Cleanse

Summer is officially here! Which means bathing suit season! Last summer I worked really hard and traded in my mom tank swim skirt for a bikini. However, all that hard work has seemed to slowly fade away over the last few months as Kreme Delite and Taco Bell have called my name far too often. 

Our beach trip is quickly approaching and I really don't want to have to pull back out my mom suit so I'm super excited about trying the Advocare cleanse. 
Jarrod and I have both tried several Advocare products before with pretty good results so I'm really expecting this cleanse to really help me get a jump start and get back on track. I have never really used any cleanse products before besides a few DIY Pinterest ones that tasted so disgusting I couldn't hardly even get them down after the first taste. 

Once I finish this 10 day cleanse, I will start the 2 week MNS-C supplements. The cleanse, supplements, and a much healthier focused diet should hopefully help get me beach ready in time to sport this super cute new bikini that I ordered from Target! 

Who knows-- they may even ask me to model it! (Totally kidding about that fo sho!)

And did I mention how absolutely wonderful the watermelon spark is?!?! Why did it take me so long to try it? Thanks to my friend Melesa for suggesting it for me! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Oh how we love outside!

This past week was so nice weather wise! We literally came home every day, changed our clothes and went outside! 
BTW, if you haven't noticed, my girls are impossible to photograph together!

The weekend was super warm and nice as well. We spent lots of time in the flower beds, on the playground, in the backyard, and in their new mermaid pool (Hadley calls it the popping kind). I even did a little push mowing and played a little whiffle ball.

The girls got to spend some time with their grandparents too, which in their world ranks right up there with Disney World!

Monday was a little rainy but that didn't stop us from getting a little outside time on the porch. I sat out there enjoying the peaceful morning by myself for a bit until Hadley joined me to "read" until our late bloomers in the house arose and joined us for a little front porch playtime!

We finaly ventured out to Lowes and then came home and visited with my friend Brittany who was home from LA for a few days! I always love catching up with my long time bestie!

A wonderful weekend to officially kick off a fun filled summer!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer Reading

I have been slacking on my reading the past month or so but I finally had a little time last week to finish a book I had been working on for what seemed like forever. 

The One and Only by Emily Giffin was actually really good.  It's about a girl in Texas who is obsessed with college football and finds herself in a bit of a love triangle with a few complications.  It is funny, sweet, heart warming, and interesting all rolled up into one little book.  I have always loved the books I had read by Giffin so I knew I would enjoy this one just as much.  A very fun and light read! 

I am working on my summer reading list!  I am still a long ways away from my 50 books to read this year so I am definitely adding some good reads for the summer.  A few I plan to add to my list are...

In the Unlikely - Judy Blume
Her - Harriet Lane 
The Small Backs of Children - Lidia Yuknavitch
Go Set a Watchman - Harper Lee (and a reread of To Kill a Mockingbird to prep for this one)
Woman with a Secret - Sophie Hannah

Monday, May 18, 2015

Just catching up...

We have had such a busy few weeks and have all been off our regular routine a bit so I haven't had the time (or desire) to sit down at the computer and blog. But I have found a little time to plant some new flowers! I really love this time of year!

Last week, Hadley celebrated the end of her first year of preschool!  She had the sweetest teacher this year that she just loved.  Little Tots has been so wonderful for Hadley and we cannot wait to go back next year.  But we will definitely miss "the Lisa's" next year. 

We had a busy Saturday. I ran the Spencer Black Memorial 5k Saturday morning.  Hadley tagged along to cheer me on as well!  She even picked me weeds.. I mean flowers.  She was so excited that her mommy won and medal and I am pretty sure she has told everyone she knows about it.  I was also pretty pumped because I broke my personal record by about 40 seconds!

Saturday afternoon, we went to Jarrod's cousin's, Taylor, wedding.  It such a beautiful and simple wedding and we all had a great time.  Hadley especially loved the cake and the dancing!  I didn't think I would ever be able to get to her to leave!

Sunday was spent catching up on some much needed rest and laundry.  Is it just me, or is it way harder to fold the laundry and put it away than actually washing it? 

Looking forward to hopefully a slower week and a long weekend ahead!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there! I know this sounds so cliche but I never appreciated my mother enough until I had kids of my own! Mothers are really the strongest most powerful people in the world and I am so extremely thankful God gave me one of the best! I love what a great friend my mom has become to me as I have grown up and learned how amazing she really is  I couldn't ever imagine not talking to my mom every single day. She is always so helpful and supportive of me and the best Gigi to my girls. 

Not only am I blessed with the most wonderful mother, but also the most wonderful mother in law, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters who have taught me so much about being the best mother I can be. I was so very thankful to be able to host these women for a Mother's Day lunch today. Jarrod grilled for us and we had the best time spending the beautiful afternoon with both of our families. (Amy got away before the "mom" picture).

Jarrod and the girls spoiled me this morning with some very special gifts. As much as I love a massage and am so looking forward to scheduling it soon, Hadley's hand made (and I believe somewhat recycled from her preschool crafts) are really treasures for this mommy. 

Not sure where the whole helping with the laundry part came from but it's a sweet thought anyways right? 

I am so thankful that God chose me to mother these girls. I know it's my job to wash their clothes and comb their hair, feed their bellies and wash their little booties, love and play with them and teach them right from wrong... But most of all, it is my job as their mother to teach them about Jesus and his love for them! I can only pray that I can be the very best mother that God wants me to be. He has entrusted me with these precious blessings and I can only hope that I can help them to grow up to be strong beautiful God fearing women the way my mother has done for me!

We also got to celebrate Baby Hudson's baby dedication today at church! So thankful and happy for my sweet friend Leslie and her precious baby as she celebrates her first Mother's Day today! Hadley was so excited to get to see baby Hud.

On another note... My heart aches so for those that are sad today. I know there are some absolutely wonderful ladies who are longing so to be a mother and there are those who are missing their mothers today. I pray for these people on this special day! I know God has a plan for you that is greater than we could ever imagine!

Happy Mother's Day to all the super women out there! Moms really are super heroes! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Chickfila Race Day!

We have been so busy lately with everything going on. Between our air conditioner going to capoot and something on the calendar just about every day, I haven't hardy even had time to stop and breathe. 

So I was so excited to finally get a morning to myself to go and run the Chickfila 5K! Every year I say I am going to run it but never have so I was really glad to finally get to. I showed up early and got my race packet which included a free Chickfila frosted lemonade (totally worth running 3 miles for in my opinion). 

The race started downtown and the route went a few roads around town which were pretty flat and easy to run except for there was only a tiny bit of shade. But I managed to finish better than my last race time so I was super proud of that! And even more proud when I realized it was first in my age group! 

And another bonus were the chicken sandwiches they handed out after the race! Plus the prizes were lots of free Chickfila meals so that just made it all totally worth it!

So glad I finally got to run a race in town and so surprised I actually won something! Already looking forward to the next race soon!