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Monday, July 10, 2017


Last night was probably one of the most memorable events of our marriage. Jarrod was chosen to be ordained as a deacon for our church.  I am so extremely proud of him for not only making the decision to live his life for Christ but also to live it out as a servant and leader of our church.

Jarrod grew up in our church since he was a little baby.  He was baptized there, married there, dedicated his children there, and now has been ordained there.  We have some great men and women in our church that Jarrod and I have always looked up to and we were both so moved by the kind and encouraging words as they spoke to and about Jarrod and I during the service. It was so uplifting and I could truly feel the presence of the Lord.  We are so grateful to serve and raise our family at First Baptist Tanner.       


  1. Hate I couldn't be there in person but was definitely there in spirit! Love y'all and am so proud of the way y'all serve our church and our God. - Turbo

  2. Aw thank you Matthew! We miss you!