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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Eight Years

Every year when I go to type another milestone post, I can't help but stop and think about just how fast it all goes by!  Eight years has passed since we said I do and I seriously feel like it was just yesterday.  We have grown up A LOT in these past eight years.  We have gone from two clueless kids coming from mama's house who didn't know how to make a budget, clean a house, or cook a meal that wasn't from a box to two successful and determined adults raising two of the most amazing little people in this world.  And I am so thankful we got to go through it all and learn all of that together.  

So here we are, eight years later.  We wake up, drink coffee, and go to work each day.  We come home, cook dinner, and do our chores.  We play Barbies and we build playgrounds.  We play doctor and teacher and justice of the peace. We read and we exercise... for fun?! What?!  We travel and we explore and we soak in every moment together.  We cherish these days and this season of our life together, yet we still look forward to the future because each year just keeps getting better and better.  

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