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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Another year of dance has come to an end for the Harrison girls.  We ended the year with three great recitals!  This was Hadley's fourth year and HC's second and they both did soooo good in their dances.  They so love their dance teachers and new friends and have had such a good time going every week. They have even commented they want to be Miss Jenna and Miss Hannah when they grow up.

We had three days of rehearsals and recitals with lots of costume changes, makeup,  and hairspray.  These babies love to dance and I am one proud mama watching them on that stage!

And I can't NOT document our exciting end to our week... Hadley had one last performance on Saturday evening so she and I had plans for a little girls day outing between rehearsal and recital.  But... while I was at rehearsal, my sister called and told me that HC had an "accident" and we may need to take her to the hospital.  I sent Jarrod after her and left Hadley with a friend while I headed to meet Jarrod at the ER for what I hoped would be a quick little trip for a few stitches.  Well... while my super brave little one was getting stitched up, this squeemishing mama fainted and hit her head really hard.  So I got to take a little trip down the hall on a stretcher myself.  They hooked me up to all kinds of gadgets and ran lots of scans and tests to make sure I was okay before they let me leave.  Thankfully we had lots of friends and family to fill in for us and help out with the girls while the Pediatric ER doctors got me all fixed up.  I was so upset that I missed Hadley's last dance and our fun little girls night we had planned but I was so glad that we were all able to come home safe and sound! Recital is always so much fun but so exhausting.  Nothing like throwing in an ER trip to add to the fun!

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