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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Red and Yellow, Black and White

I am not an eloquent writer when it comes to these things at all so I am just going to go ahead and put that up front.  But sometimes, I just have a few things on my mind that I want to share....

White Nationalism.  Black Lives Matter. Neo-Nazi.  Ku Klux Klan.

Why, in this day and age, are these things still for real?

Yes I know what I look like and where I've come from but I also know that I am just a normal human being with a beating heart and working brain and I just can't seem to wrap my mind around this.  I just don't understand the hate and fights and the debate about race.  Why is race still a dividing factor?  Why do we think we are different because of the color of our skin?

I love fall.  I love the cool mornings and the warm afternoons.  I love everything pumpkin spice but most of all, I love the changing leaves on the trees.  My husband often makes fun of me because I make way too many comments on how much I love the leaves.  I love all the colors... red, brown, orange, yellow, bronze.  I don't look at a tree full of lots of pretty colors and think "oh the red leaf is so much better than the yellow leaf.  It deserves to have a better life."  Instead, I look at the leaves and think "what a beautiful combination all those leaves make together."  So why don't we look at people the way we look at the beautiful leaves?

As you know, I have two little girls.  My seven year old is one of the most fun and friendly little children you will ever meet.  She is super observant and very curious.  She loves life and has a huge heart full of lots of emotion.  She makes friends easily and is open to everyone.  She has no idea how much money someone has or what kind of degree their parents have.  She does not care if someone is fat or skinny or rich or poor.  She doesn't know the difference between fancy boutique and designer clothes and her favorite screen printed character shirt from Target.   She doesn't know who lives in a mansion or who shares their tiny apartment with a family of ten.  And I don't think it has ever crossed her mind that people are "supposed to be different" because of their skin color.

So how do kids learn this stuff?  Who tells them that Lucy is better than Tommy because she lives in a big house? Who tells them that John is better than Mary because his dad has a doctorate degree and makes six figures? Who tells her that Annie is better than Maria because her dress has a little tag on it with a certain designers name?  And who tells her that she is better than Brittany because she has a different skin color? We do... us grown ups do!  We may not blatantly come out and say it but we tell these little children this with our actions and with how they see us treating others.  They see us judging others and even though we may not realize it, they learn it from us.

Some of my very best friends growing up did not have skin that matched mine.  Some of my very first friends way back in elementary school all the way up to today do not look like me on the outside.  And I can promise you that I am no better or no worse than any of them because of that.  I have really tried to teach my kids that God created us all the same.  That we all come from different places and that there will always be people in our lives that have way more than us but there are even more people that have way less.  I have tried to tell them that God works a lot harder on making sure we are pretty on the inside than on the outside because that is what is most important.

We all come from different paths and have faced different hardships in our lives.  Some of us may have had some extra odds stacked against us and had to work a little harder to get somewhere.  But instead of shouting hate and ranking people based on how the look and what they have on the outside, lets try to work a little bit more on prettying up on the inside.  Let's choose kindness and compassion and let's start it with ourselves and our homes.

Who knows... maybe we just might make a difference.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Show Us Your Sales - Front Porch Country Pickins

Today, I am sharing a fun little shop called Front Porch Country Pickins. Lauren is the owner and friend of mine from church. She has some super cute stuff that would be great ideas for gifts! Be sure to check it out!

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
My name is Lauren Garrett. My husband and I have been married for a little over 3 years, and have been located in the Athens area for 2 years. I'm a boy mom times 2, and a tomboy at heart. I currently manage a restaurant in Huntsville, but have a passion for creating.

Tell me about what you sell/do
My mom and I share a love for crafting, so together we make up the duo of Front Porch Country Pickins. We make personalized signs, shirts, cups, etc. We can help create all those Pinterest projects that us ladies pin in the dream home section.

What are you favorite products/things about your business.
I love being able to make something personal, that you can't buy at the store. Adding those personal touches like names, dates, sayings or memories really makes our products stand out in the world of decor. We take an idea and make it something truly unique just for our customers. No two products are alike!

How did you get into this business?
We started making our own projects, as a hobby, then as gifts for friends and family. Word spread, and a business was born.

What’s the one thing you would want to tell someone about your business/product?
We aren't here to just make money. That's a great plus, but our business is about making something special for the special people in our lives and yours. You can find cute shirts or decor items anywhere. The personal touch of hand crafted items with your special requests is not something Walmart can provide.

What’s the most rewarding thing you have found about being a rep for this product?
I love seeing the happiness on the faces of our customers when we can take an idea and bring it to life.

Anything else you want to share?
You can find us on Facebook, our page is Front Porch Country Pickins. We have previous creations posted. Since all projects are personalized, all prices are as well. Feel free to message us on Facebook with your ideas and for more information!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

First Day of School 2017

We have officially kicked off another school year at our house!

Hadley was so excited to get to her first grade classroom.  She said she was a little nervous at first but as soon as we got to school, she hit the ground running.  She went right into her class, put her things away, and got to coloring.  She had picked some flowers to take to her teacher and was super happy to give them to her.  After a few hugs and embarrassing mom kisses, she bed us farewell and was ready to get started on her work.  She came home with a report on her teacher, her new friends, and informed me that the only thing she learned today was how to do carline. Maybe we will pick up the learning a little bit tomorrow.

Hunter Claire was a different story.  HC has talked for weeks about being in her new classroom with Mrs. Amy and all the great things she was looking forward to.  We dropped Brynlee off with her teacher and proceeded to HC’s class where she got scared and nervous and decided she did not want to go to school today. After a couple of minutes of bribing and prying her off of me, I left her in her teacher’s arms pouting.  However, I wasn’t five minutes down the road when Mrs. Amy texted me to let me know she was doing just fine and had a smile on her face.  Papa and Mimi picked her up today and let me know she said she had a good day at school and loved it.  

It was a successful first day back so we celebrated with a little ice cream and Chickfila tonight and still went to bed on time! Looking forward to a fun year ahead!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

To my babies on the night before school...

Dear little ones,
We have had the best summer!  We've spent lots of time staying up late, playing games, watching movies, traveling, and doing lots of fun things together.  But it's time to head back to school again... another summer gone by.  Another new year begins.

Oh please slow down my little ones.  Just a little bit please.  You little girls are just growing up way too fast and I am just not ready for it all.  Our house is no longer filled with diaper bags and baby gear but in it's place sits big kid book bags and American Girl dolls.  How did we get here so fast? Didn't I just bring you home like yesterday?

Hadley you are going to the first grade.  You are a pro at school now.  You are so comfortable at your school and are such a teacher's pet (I've taught you well, you little mama's girl :))You are going to learn to read big books and write lots of words.  You are going to learn how to add big numbers and take real test.  You are going to love your teacher and make even more new friends.  I know you will do so great.  You are so studious and love to learn. You want to do so well and please your teachers so much and I can't wait to see what all is in store for you.

And Hunter Claire, my little baby... oh how it hurts me to think this is our last year of Little Tots.  You little Harrison girls have brightened those halls for four years in a row now and I am so sad that this is our last first day there.  Oh but my little baby, you are going to love this year so much.  You are going to just thrive in your class and I know you are going to learn so much (like how to finally write all 12 letters of that long double name your mean mama gave you).  You really have the very best teachers and they all love you as much as I do.  You are not going to have your wing man in your class with you this time so you are going to be forced out of your comfort zone a little and have to make some new friends and that makes me a little nervous for you. But I know you will do just fine.  You are such a fun little person and everyone loves you so.

Oh my little girls, why must you grow?  You are getting taller and stronger and more full of your own little personalities.  You both have such strong qualities that are showing more and more each day and I know those are going to grow and develop even more this year. Before we know it, I will be sitting here writing about what a fun year we have had and all the fun things that you've done at school. I pray you soak it all up and enjoy every minute.  I pray you let your little lights shine and that I help you be all that I know you can be.  I pray you do great things and that you are smart and confident.  But more than anything, I pray that you are kind and that you are pretty on the inside.  I pray that you are helpful and caring for others.  I pray that you love and are loved.  And I just really really pray that it all just slows down!

So now, I must go.  It's almost bedtime and we still have lots to do.  We have papers to sign, bags to pack, and clothes to be ironed.  We have baths to be had and special storybooks to read.  We have prayers to say and kisses to give.  And as you sleep, I have a few more tears to cry and lots more moments to just hold you tight and pray!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Happenings

Is summer really over? I feel like our summer has been so full between family gatherings and playdates and activities at church! I so love the long and lazy days of summer but I also kind of crave the normalcy and routines of the school year.  

We’ve been soaking up these last few weeks of summer by taking advantage of some late evening fun. We’ve visited Kreme Delite a few too many times and spend lots of evenings playing outside until dark and staying up late watching Descendents 2 (like 95 million times).

Hadley finally got to spend a little time with her Kindergarten bestie last week. They have both been so busy with traveling and camps and all this summer that they haven’t had a chance to get together but we picked her friend up and visited the Kiddie Carnival on it’s last weekend. They were so funny together and loooooved getting to be together outside of school. As usual, HC just ate and watched the girls ride the rides for the first hour or so before she decided to jump in on the fun herself. Have I mentioned how much we love the Kiddie Carnival? It is seriously the best little hometown tradition ever!

My cousin is getting married this fall so I took my grandmother and aunt to Kathleen’s dress shopping on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to all the fun wedding activities coming up in the next few months…. And my cousin Becca and I unintentionally matched! 

We celebrated another sweet little friend at a swim party on Saturday. Mallory and her family have been good friends with my family since before I was born and I love getting to share times with all of our babies together now. Little Reed turned one and we all enjoyed a fun day swimming. The girls discovered the slide and the diving board and spent the whole jumping in and out of the pool.  

Saturday night, we had my family’s annual Back to School Party. We have been doing this every single year since my mom started school. We had a fun time eating pizza and ice cream and stocking up on new school supplies. Hadley wrapped up one of her half way used notebooks and a glue stick for Gigi and was soooo excited to give it to her. 

We had a family friend pass away so the girls went home with MeeMee and Nancy Sunday afternoon while we went to the funeral and visited with family. They got to go to the kids party at their church, spent the night, and finished it all off with a trip to the movies.  

We had first grade orientation tonight and met Hadley's new teacher and friends and then celebrated Papa's birthday!

We plan to finally slow down and  spend a little extra time at home prepping for the start of school later this week. It has been such a fun summer and went by way too fast. I get so emotional thinking about it. My babies are just growing up so fast and I know this school year will fly by just like the last one did. We are looking forward to a fun year ahead and are excited about what all is in store for our family.   

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Show Us Your Sales- My Best Friend's Closet

Today on Show Us Your Sales, I am sharing a little bit about Breanna and her small business, My Best Friend's Closet. 

I have known Breanna since we were in preschool together almost 30 years ago and I am so excited to share some of the cute products she has for sale.  The clothes are super cute and very budget friendly!  Be sure to keep scrolling or head over to her site and check it out!  

My Best Friend's Closet was started by my mom (Ramona Kephart) and I in June. We love boutique clothing but hate the prices that come with them a lot of times. We decided to start an online boutique specializing in clothing and jewelry at affordable prices. We don't have an item over $35. We love shopping vendors and picking out the newest trends and latest styles to share with our clients. We love to support other small businesses and local artist, so we are always looking for new designers just starting out. 

Aren't these outfits super cute?  And affordable!  Links are below to support Breanna and Ramona at My Best Friend's Closet!

Instagram: mybestfriendscloset87