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Monday, May 22, 2017

To my first baby on your last day of Kindergarten...

Oh my goodness my little one.. how did we get here so fast? Nobody warned me that this day would be so hard for your mama!

You have absolutely thrived this year! I never imagined you would learn so much. You started this year barely knowing how to write your letters and numbers and have now learned to read books and add and subtract big numbers. Your teacher always brags on how smart and attentive you are. You just soak it all up and do not miss a thing.

You have accomplished so much this year. You have completed lots of book reports (80 to be exact), written lots of sentences, and recited umpteen million sight words. You have worked math workbooks, made posters, and collected lots of box tops. And I have loved every single minute of it. I have loved observing your creativity and exploring new things with you. I have loved watching your excitement when you share what all you've learned and special little milestones that you've reached. You are so smart and have truly excelled. I can only imagine how much you will learn in the years to come.

You have made the best new friends! You have new little buddies that you talk about all the time. You don't see color or status and I love you so much for that. I pray you always stay that way and always make friends with everyone in your class like you have this year. You have been so kind and caring and have been such a good leader to your peers. You have been extremely well behaved and came home with "green" every single day... you really are your mama's child ;-)

You have had the most wonderful teacher that I could have ever dreamed of. She has taught you to be responsible and independent and has nurtured you into a wonderful little person. You have loved her so and strive to please her every day. We have both shed lots of tears over the last few days when we think about these last few days in Mrs. Howell's class. I think she will always hold a special place in both of our hearts. I truly believe God has a special place in Heaven for Kindergarten teachers.

You have had so much fun this year that it's hard to pick a favorite…. the fun run, kite day, field day, your field trip, the limo ride and pizza party, holiday parties, cheering with your friends on the playground, growing strawberries, eating ice cream on Fridays. Or maybe your favorite thing was making new friends, playing with them at stations, checking out books from the library, eating in the lunchroom, playing in PE, dressing up on spirit days, making things in art, performing your Christmas play.... the list goes on and on and I just pray you have cherished it all as much as I have tried to.

So my baby, here we are… ten months past that day when Daddy and I walked our nervous little girl with her big backpack into her big new school. You've lost seven teeth, gotten glasses, shot up a good 3 inches, and grown into a smart and responsible little leader. And as I sit here reflecting on this year, I can't help but be filled with gratitude and thanks for such a wonderful first year. But now it is time to pack up our green binder, fold up your rest mat, and put away your lunch box one last time. We will go out and get ice cream to celebrate your perfect report card and all you have accomplished so far. But then, I will sit here, hold you close, wipe my eyes, and say a little prayer to God to please let it all slow down just a little because I know these precious years come and go way too fast!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

What a fun weekend we had!  And the weather was so perfect!

On Saturday, a group from our Sunday School class went down to Birmingham to try a little zip lining adventure.  It was sooo much fun!  I was a little nervous climbing the 80 foot tower, but it wasn't near as scary as I thought it would be.  I loved getting to spend time with everyone and can't wait to go back and do it again sometime.

Sunday was Mother's Day and my girls were so sweet.  They both made lots of little crafts and cards at school and church and gave to me and Jarrod brought home some hanging baskets for my porch.  I loved these little questionnaires from the girls so much.  Not sure exactly what Hunter Claire was describing on hers considering I don't really care too much for pork, orange is my least favorite color, and she hasn't been to my work but like once in her life and only stayed for like 2 minutes but it was sweet anyways.  My thoughtful little Hadley also wrapped me up a quarter and three pennies and was so excited about them all.

After church, we went and enjoyed some time with my Mee Mee and Aunt Nancy.  The girls all love going over there.

I brought the girls back home to Jarrod and then got to go to the grocery by myself!  I stopped by Starbucks on the way and just took my sweet time strolling the aisles.  Not going to lie... that is one of my favorite things to do!

We spent the evening enjoying a little time on the back porch and prepping for another week.  School is out in just a few more days and I am already looking forward to some slow summer days ahead!  It was a great weekend and am so thankful for these babies that made me a mother and for all the mothers in my life!

Friday, May 12, 2017

May Happenings

And just like that, we are half way through May...

We had a busy little week last week and I have lots to catch up on...

First of all, my friend Meighan opened up a new bridal shop and I am soooo excited for her.  She's been dreaming of this for as long as I've known her and it has been so fun to watch it all come together.  I attended her ribbon cutting and open house last week and I can't wait to see what all is in store her dress shop.  If you are in need of a special dress, be sure to check out Kathleen's in downtown Madison!

We finished up our AWANA year at church this past week.  The kids had a great year and we ended it with a little awards ceremony and pizza party!

I got to help chaperone Hadley's class field trip to the Botanical Gardens.  It was really fun little field trip for the kids.  They got to play and explore the gardens and learn all about butterflies.  I love watching Hadley play and interact with her friends and classmates but I think we were all ready for a nap when we got home!

Hadley has also had some other exciting things going on at school this past week.  They got to pick and eat their strawberries they have been growing in their garden, she had a fun lunch visitor, and her class were crowned Kindergarten tug-of-war champs this week as well!

We've really been having a lot of fun at the ballfield as well.  Hadley has been doing really great in her softball games. We only have a few games left but it's been such a fun season!

And last but certainly not least, Hunter Claire finished up her first year of preschool.  She has had such a great year and just loves her teacher.  She has made some sweet new friends and learned so much.  I am so glad we get one more year at Little Tots but I am going to be sooooo sad when our time there is over.  We love Little Tots!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dear Kindergarten Teacher... You are a Rockstar!

Dear Kindergarten Teacher,

Has anyone ever told you that you are one of the most amazing people in the world?  I sure hope they have because I am seriously in awe of you.  You spend your days with 20 little people and you grow them to be amazing little children.

You take these precious little babies and you turn them into kids.  You teach them letters and numbers and reading and writing.  You take little brains that don't know how to dot their i's and teach them the alphabet.  Then you show them how to make those letters into words and those words into sentences and those sentences into stories.  You show them how to put numbers together and count to really really big numbers. You show them how things work and tell them all about the world.

You teach them how to be independent and responsible.  You show them how to sit still and how to wait in line and how to do things for themselves.  You encourage them to learn and to be creative and make them feel like they are each the most special kid in the class.

You break up fights and fix booboos. You wipe bodily fluids that I wouldn't dare touch.  You clean dirty little hands and tie tiny little shoes.  You somehow train them to follow the rules and push in their chairs and to wait their turn.  You dry tears and make them laugh.  You are the coolest person in the world in their precious little sights... especially when you do really cool things like stand on the table to get their attention.

Dear Kindergarten teacher, you truly fascinate me.  Your patience and self control is greater than any I have ever observed. You don't get a break.   You don't get to go to work and relax on your lunch break.  Instead, you spend your precious time opening juice boxes and making sure they get the nutrition they need to help their little minds grow.

So sweet patient precious Kindergarten teacher, please know that your work does not go unnoticed. Your hard work and dedication sets the foundation for the rest of these little lives.  You love these babies and are so amazing with them each and every day. You really are magic. You are truly a rockstar my friend and am so very thankful for people like you!

** I wrote this a few days ago after spending some extra time with Hadley's Kindergarten class and turns out it is Little Letters week over at Taz and Belly and I love a good "link up" so I thought it would be fun to link up this month!  Please forgive me for not being smart enough to figure out how to post the cute little link up banner in my post.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Field Day 2017

Hadley officially has her first Field Day in the books.  She has been looking forward to this day for a long time so was a little disappointed when the weather was super yucky and they had to move it all inside but she still had a blast!

We had fun watching her class in their relay races.  They had to delay the tug-of-war contest until next week but they all did so awesome in their relays.

They got to enjoy a picnic lunch in the hall.  Hadley was pretty excited that we all got to join her.

They pretty much had a free for all this afternoon and Hadley absolutely loved getting to run all around the school going wherever she wanted.  She played with her friends on the inflatables, enjoyed some Bingo and crafts, and ate lots of cotton candy and goodies.  It was a little bit of controlled chaos but the kids all had a really great time.  I just can't believe that Kindergarten is almost over!