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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Eight Years

Every year when I go to type another milestone post, I can't help but stop and think about just how fast it all goes by!  Eight years has passed since we said I do and I seriously feel like it was just yesterday.  We have grown up A LOT in these past eight years.  We have gone from two clueless kids coming from mama's house who didn't know how to make a budget, clean a house, or cook a meal that wasn't from a box to two successful and determined adults raising two of the most amazing little people in this world.  And I am so thankful we got to go through it all and learn all of that together.  

So here we are, eight years later.  We wake up, drink coffee, and go to work each day.  We come home, cook dinner, and do our chores.  We play Barbies and we build playgrounds.  We play doctor and teacher and justice of the peace. We read and we exercise... for fun?! What?!  We travel and we explore and we soak in every moment together.  We cherish these days and this season of our life together, yet we still look forward to the future because each year just keeps getting better and better.  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stepping Back...

I love my little blog.  I don't have the time or desire to scrapbook and journal but I want to record all of the memories of my every day life so this is where I do that.  I don't blog to become famous with a bunch of followers or make money.  I blog because I love to look back a year ago and see just what we were doing.  I love to use this blog as "my space" to share my thoughts and notes to my kids that they too can look back and read.

I have really been struggling lately with finding a good balance in my life and I believe a huge part of that is because of social media.  I am trying to really disconnect from the social media world though.  I spend way to many precious moments of my day staring at a screen, scrolling through a feed, or reading about other peoples lives instead of focusing on my own.  It's sad and embarrassing and I do not want my kids to grow up thinking they always have to have a wifi connection to be content.  

I am not going to lie, it is nice when I get compliments about my posts and when people tell me they enjoy reading and I love the "connections" I have made with other people that I would not have the chance to do so with were it not for blogs and media friendships.  But I am just choosing to take a step back for a bit.  When we were young, the only way you knew if you missed out on something was a few days later when someone mentioned something about it at school.  We didn't know (much less care) what everyone was wearing each day or where everyone went on vacation.  And I wish I could get my family back there.  Yes the internet is convenient and makes our lives much easier but it also fills our lives up with clutter and envy and makes it very hard to be content.

So I am not saying that I am going away.  I am not shutting down the blog or stopping to log our special days.  But I am going to worry less over it.  I am not going to stress over what to post or what link parties to join. I am going to take a little step back and find more time for my family because these days are flying by way too fast and I don't want to miss a single moment!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Beachin' 2017

After our super crazy week full of VBS, recital, and ER excitement, we were in very much in need of a vacation!  We spent the last week at one of our most favorite places ever.  We filled our week with lazy days reading and playing on the beach, swimming, spending time with friends and family, and eating lots of seafood.  It rained and few days and we had to be a little extra careful with HC's stitches but she didn't let that slow her down too much.  We all still had a really great trip.    

We love going to Orange Beach every year and I find myself planning our next visit as soon as we leave every time.  The girls love to go and it just makes me so sad to think how much they grow and change with each trip.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Daily Dime - June

I am linking up with some fun bloggers for The Daily Dime link up today.  I so love a good day in the life post so this is so much fun for me to join in.  I also really love looking back on my days so I am excited to join in on something to maybe help me stay a little more consistent with documenting my days.

Wednesday, June 13th…

My early riser woke me up all ready for the day.  I fixed my coffee and some breakfast and headed out to the porch to do my devotional and chat with Hadley and Heather for a bit while the others slept in.  I so love my little morning chats with Hadley.  She is the world’s greatest talker and she definitely entertains me with her stories.

It was a bit cloudy and rainy so we just hung out in the condo for a little bit before loading up everything to head down to the beach.  The girls loved playing on the beach.  Hunter Claire couldn’t get her stitches in the water but she loooved hanging out on the edge and in the sand.  Hadley decided she wasn’t scared of the ocean anymore and played mermaid all day long.

While the little ones entertained themselves, I tried to catch up on a little bit of reading.  I was so happy when Karen Kingsbury’s latest Baxter family book came in the mail just the day before we left so I could take it with me.  There is nothing better than reading a good love story on the beach!

We stayed on the beach a little later since we got a late start but finally decided to head in to clean up for dinner.  We went to The Steamer for dinner that night and we all shared the Little Lagoon Steamer Tray.  It was probably one of the my favorite meals all week.  I love steamed seafood and their oysters were the best!

Uncle Jay entertained the girls while we waited with an old YouTube video of his 1989 debut on Country Rover during his mullet wearing pet shop working days.  Hadley was so proud and talked the rest of the week about how her uncle knew all about pets because he used to work at a pet store!

After dinner, the girls wanted their picture made by the “baby pineapple tree” so we took a few photos before heading to the Arcade for a bit (which I managed to not a get a single picture from).  Hadley hit the jackpot on one game so we got to cash in our tickets for a Barbie mermaid, a mood ring, and some candy.  HC just kept saying “thank you for taking me to win this mermaid” the rest of the night and I have heard Hadley talk about hitting jackpot at least 4678 times.

It was a very typical “beach day” for us!  Lots of playing, relaxing, chatting, and eating!