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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Big Six

Hadley turned six this past weekend, and we celebrated all weekend long!  She wanted a pool party at her Gigi's house with a rainbow six cake so that is just what she got.  We had a simple little family party Friday night.  It was supposed to rain but the weather ended up being really nice and the kids all had a blast.  Hadley said it was her best birthday party ever!

Sunday was full of more partying.  After church, she was surprised with pizza and cookie cake at Meme and Papa's house and then came home to a birthday banner hanging on the garage thanks to her Babu.  We then went shopping so she could spend some of that birthday money burning a hole in her pocket.  She picked out a purse and some sunglasses that she had been eyeing for awhile.

After that, we went to dinner with some family and friends at Buena Vista where they got her with a big face full of cool whip that she said she was not so thrilled about.  It was a fun filled few days with lots of fun and some great memories.  I mean turning six is a BIG deal!


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