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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Book Review - Love Your Life, Not Theirs

A few weeks ago, I was chosen to be a part of the launch team for Rachel Cruze's new book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs. I have been a huge Rachel Cruze fan for awhile so I was so thrilled to get to join this team. I was given a copy of her book to read and review. (As always, all opinions are my own).


This book is so great! It really talks about how much everyone these days seems to fall into the trap of comparison. We compare every aspect of our lives and weigh them against others and it can really become a struggle both financially and emotionally to keep up. Rachel gives some really great advice in her book on how to overcome the comparison trap. She follows many of Dave Ramsey's (aka her dad) baby steps and advice on becoming debt free and living of life filled with contentment. 

The book has lots of great advice mixed in with her own personal stories and struggles. It is very real and relatable and I highly recommend to anyone!

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