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Monday, October 10, 2016

Army Ten Miler 2016

This past weekend, two of my work friends and I flew up to DC to run the Army Ten Miler and it really was so great!

Several months ago, my friend Misty asked me if I wanted to do the Army Ten Miler and for some reason I said sure. I have had this love/hate dread/excitement about it ever since but I am thankful I did it! 

We flew up on Friday and did a little exploring and site seeing Friday and Saturday. We visited Arlington, toured the Pentagon, and explored some fun spots in DC. I really loved seeing the Kennedy's gravesite, Eastern Market, and the huge runners expo.

We woke up early Sunday to rain and high winds with a little bit of panic but it cleared up pretty nicely as we headed to the Pentagon to start the race. We were in the 6th wave so we had a good bit of time to wait around before we started at 8:40. I was blown away by the amount of people! This was by far the biggest race I've ran.... I believe it said over 36,000 has signed up!

We started at the Pentagon, ran across the bridge to the Lincoln Memorial, around by Watergate and the Kennedy Center, back behind the National Mall, and then back by the Jefferson Memorial and across the bridge back to the Finish line near the Pentagon. I wish I would've stopped and taken a few more pics but once I got in my groove, I was a little afraid to stop too much and get all messed up in the middle of all those people. Plus I really hate selfies... like for real.

The last few miles were pretty tough. Between the hills and the wind and the bridge, I was seriously starting to struggle at about mile 8. Then I missed the 9 mile marker and had no idea where the finish line was. But as I got close and heard all the cheers, I finally picked it up a little. However running straight into a 26 mph wind in my face made my last little sprint to the finish line feel a little like running in peanut butter. But we all still finished pretty well!

My watch messed up at mile 2 and my tracking on my phone somehow got paused at about mile 4 so I relied pretty much only on the race signs and clocks and I actually loved it at that way. I wasn't worried about my pace and just ran however I felt good but I couldn't see the clock at the finish and really had no idea how I actually did until I saw the results posted. I finished in 1:43 which I was super proud of considering I did not train near as well as I should have and the wind for the run was unreal! 
We finished the day off with a cheeseburger and fries to celebrate and some chocolate chip cookies before heading to bed early! It was a great race and a really great trip! I can't wait to do it again sometime!

And I was soooo happy to see some sweet little blonde headed babies (and their daddy) surprising me at the airport when I got back!

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