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Monday, September 5, 2016

Blog-tember - Birthdays

I always had birthday parties growing up and it is really funny looking back now what I remember about my parties.  We used to always have a family party and a friend party the first few birthdays.  I don’t really remember them but I love to look at the pictures and videos from them.  My mom used to always make the invitations and made our cakes from character pans.  

I remember when I turned seven, I had a surprise party!  It was completely surprised and it was so wonderful!  We had it in the fellowship hall at our church and then went across the street to the park.  My friend, Matthew Hardaway, got me a stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog.  I remember my skate party when I turned eight and I got in trouble because one of my friends said I didn’t play with her.  She told the teacher at school and we had to go in the hall and talk about it.  She probably doesn’t even remember it but I was a little mortified over it.  I had a bowling party one year which I really don’t know why, because I have never really liked bowling.  

When I turned 16, we had a surprise lunch at Applebee’s and my friends brought me big huge foil balloons that I hung on the ceiling in my bedroom for like ever.  When I turned 20, we went to Red Lobster and I got my very first iPod.  I turned 21 on a Sunday and some of my family and friends came over to my mom’s house for the afternoon.  Jarrod bought me golf clubs that year.  I spent my 27th at my niece’s first birthday party.  My uncle and I share the same birthday and I just wonder how many of his birthdays, he spent at my parties.  Twenty-nine was celebrated at Texas de Brazil with friends.  

I never really appreciated my parties growing up until I had kids of my own and realized how much it took to pull them off.  I should buy my mom some big huge present to thank her because lordy-me they are some work.  I have enjoyed throwing fun birthday parties for my girls and I pray they bring special memories for them to reminisce about when they grow up!  



  1. You had lots of great birthday meals! I LOVE Texas de Brazil here in San Antonio!

    1. We just got one close to us not too long ago and it is soo good!