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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Blog-tember - A Day in the Life

I really love reading Day in the Life posts from bloggers so I am loving today's blog-tember.  I love seeing how everyone goes about their day to day routines and schedules and how they get it all done. 

I am off every other Friday (which is sooo nice) but I took off an extra Friday to take Hunter Claire on her first preschool field trip.  So this was not my normal weekday but was a pretty typical Friday for me - minus the whole Disney on Ice part!

6:15 - Alarm went off and got out of bed after I checked my billion text messages I missed from my BFF group text over night, fixed my coffee, packed school stuff, fed the animals, and sat down at my desk for my quite time.

Hadley woke up a few minutes after me so I fixed her breakfast and then got myself ready for the day while she ate and watched a little Jessie.

7:25 - Put HC in the car in her pjs and headed out to drop Hadley off at school.  It was Super Hero day for Childhood Cancer Awareness so Hadley wore her cousins batman shirt. (I left out the part where she changed shorts three times and shoes twice all while complaining about her boy shirt before we left).

8:00 - Stopped by the ATM at the bank and then headed back home for a bit. Got HC ready, made the beds, and did a little Bible Journaling from a few verses from my morning devotional.

9:30 - Met my sister and niece to head over to Huntsville for the little's field trip to Disney on Ice.

10:30 - Hello Mickey Mouse!  The babies loved it so much. We really had a great time with all their little friends seeing all the Disney crew! Cheapo mom made HC bring her Cinderella from home so we got away without having to spend $32 on another stuffed doll! #momwin

1:00 - We stopped by the mall to make a few returns and help my sister find some stuff for the baby. HC and I had Charley's for lunch at the food court before heading back home.

3:30 - Jarrod picked Hadley up from school and dropped her off at dance so HC and I ventured to the grocery to get a few things.

5:00 - I got all my groceries put away and HC settled playing with her barbies at home with Jarrod so I headed to the dance studio to get Hadley. I had a few minutes to sit and read before she got out of her class at 5:30. (And I forgot to take a picture- oops).

6:00 - Hadley has been begging all week to spend the night with my parents so we came home after dance and packed her bags before heading over there. 

6:30 - HC had a total come apart because her ginormous cabbage patch doll couldn't fit into her American Girls super hero outfit like she had on. I mean it's not a normal day at our house without a few meltdowns.

7:00 - Jarrod, HC, and I went to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. And yes I let her wear her super girl costume.. I mean some battles just aren't worth fighting and it just made her soooo happy. 

8:00 - After dinner, we stopped by Lowes to look at some new flood lights for outside.

8:45 - Layed down with Hunter Claire and read a few books before she quickly fell asleep.

9:00 - Curled up on the couch to watch a little Netflix and write this blog post.

10:00 - Layed out my clothes for a 5k in the morning and headed to bed! It's been a loooong busy day!

I'll have to do another one of these posts on a "normal" day sometime!


  1. Hello! I loved today's post too! Does the wand you posted work really good? I need a new one. I love the bible journeling too! Have a great weekend!