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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Blog-tember - Book Reviews

Today's challenge is to review something so I am reviewing a few books I have been reading lately.  (Sorry for another book posts-- well not really sorry -- I love books).

Sum It Up - Pat Summitt
This book is Pat Summitt's memoir that she wrote shortly after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago.  Coach Summitt lost her battle with Alzheimer's this summer but I am so glad she left us this memoir.  Her book is so great.  She talks all about growing up on a country farm in Tennessee, facing the struggles of playing women's sports in the early 70's, and her outstanding career as a coach at the University of Tennessee.  She had such a passion for the game and cared so much for her players.  Growing up, Pat Summitt was definitely an idol of mine.  I was lucky enough to meet her a few times and loved watching her coach and attending her camp.  She is a true lady of courage and strength and will greatly be missed in this world but her influence will live on for a very very long time.  This is an inspiring and motivational book about a super tough woman who juggles both being a superior coach also while raising her son and caring for her family.  It is a great read whether you care anything about basketball or not!

Heart of the Matter -   Emily Giffin
I have had this book lying around all summer.  I loaned it from my mom a few months back but just now got around to reading it.  I have read several of Giffin's novels and enjoyed them all (even though almost all of them have included some type of cheating/sneaking around).  This is a story told from two women's perspectives.  Valerie is a lawyer who is a single mom and Tessa is a new stay at home mom and housewife trying to adjust after leaving her career.  The author did a really great job pulling me into the story and I had a hard time putting it down but overall, it wasn't my favorite.  I didn't really care for some of the characters.. *spoiler alert* especially the husband who I wanted to punch in the face... and I felt like they all were a bit whiny and poor pitiful me at times.   However, if you like these kind of stories, it is a pretty good read.  The characters are very real and relatable.

Guilty Wives - James Patterson
I listened to the audiobook version of this book on my drives to and from work.  I really enjoy Patterson's style of writing and find myself really sucked into his stories every time.  I was intrigued by this one first considering it is a story about a group of friends headed to Monte Carlo for a husband-free, kid-free weekend.  But, things go bad when someone winds up dead and the women are framed for the murder.  The women are arrested and brutally tortured over something they say they didn't do.  I figured out who did it about half way through and caught myself actually getting angry at the characters in the book for the lying and conspiring.  This was a great read if you like the murder mystery action packed type book and I would definitely recommend.

And in honor of her powerful memoir, a little throwback to my twelve year old self with Pat Summitt from the time I went to her basketball camp at Tennessee..

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  1. Oooh these books sound great, especially the memoir by Pat Summit. That's so cool that you met her! I don't know anything about her but am always interested in learning more through memoirs!

    Here is my review for the Blogtember promt: http://elle-alice.blogspot.com/2016/09/review-dressfocom-shift-dress.html