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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blog-tember - Favorite Bloggers

Today, I am sharing a couple of my favorite bloggers!  I don't really read blogs on a daily basis but I do like to sit down every once in awhile and catch up on my favorite bloggers. I have followed and unfollowed many blogs over the years but these are some of my current favorites...

But first, stepping on my soap box-- I don’t care too much for a blog full of sponsored posts and product pushing.  I get blogging is how some people make a living but I just don’t feel like they are very genuine and tend to be very staged. My favorite blogs are normal everyday blogs from real life people that I can relate to. I have found some really awesome new bloggers through this challenge and I love reading your post every day! I really love peeking into your lives and seeing your family and friends and how you spend your time! --

Kelly’s Korner - This is one of the first blogs that I ever read.  My sister introduced me to Kelly’s blog when her first child was born with some medical issues.  I would read about her everyday and prayed for that baby so much!  Now that baby is in the second grade and Kelly is a mom of three!  I love following Kelly’s little family and their busy life and I really love that she strong in her faith and has a passion for sharing that with her kids and others.  Her posts are so honest and encouraging.  She also hosts some really fun Link Ups that I like to join in on every once in awhile.

Taz + Belly -  I just found Kristen’s blog a few months ago when Kelly shared about LiveWhole365 while doing her Whole30.  Turns out, LiveWhole365 was started by a few ladies from Birmingham.  And after reading just her bio, I discovered this girl is so much like me.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, has two little girls who also love to dance, lives in her small Alabama hometown, and bleeds crimson and white!  It is almost a little weird how much alike we are. Her posts are all fun and so relatable to me and she has some really great printables and fun ideas.

My “famous people” blogs I like are  Lauren Conrad, Rory Feek, and Rachel Cruze!  I guess some of these are really more of websites but I tend to check them pretty regularly.

My friend Dana has a fun blog.  She is the one who really inspired me to get back to blogging.

I read Gracie’s fashion blog every now and then too.  She went to high school with me and I enjoy reading her posts!

And I love checking out Modern Mrs. Darcy for some great book posts.

I always love finding new blogs to explore so I can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts today!  I have really really loved some of the fun blogs I have linked up with during this blog-tember challenge and have "met" some really awesome ladies!

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