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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blog-tember - Joy

Today’s challenge is to talk about five things that bring me joy.  I have about a billion things that bring me joy but I guess I can cut down the list if I have to..

1 - My Savior -   I cannot even begin to express the joy that comes with knowing that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me so unconditionally that He would give up his own son to die for me.  I find so much peace and joy in knowing that we have eternal life through salvation in Jesus Christ and that He has created a place for us when we leave this earth so we may live forever with Him.

2 - My family - I am so happy to come home every day to my family.  Jarrod is my rock, my teammate, my best friend.  My girls are so full of life and love and I love watching them learn new things every day.  I have been extremely blessed with a very close-knit-everyone-gets-along family.  My mom and sister are two of my very best friends.  In fact, we have a family group text that stays extremely active with all kinds of crazy stuff and we all go out to lunch every other Friday.  I live within walking distance of the majority of my extended family and the others are just a short drive away so we get to spend time together often.  I have also been blessed with the best in-laws who truly treat me like their own. I love spending time with all of them!

3 - My mornings - I have probably mentioned this before but my quiet morning times are my favorite part of my day.  I wake up before everyone so I can have a little time to myself to drink a nice hot cup of coffee (another joy) and spend time with God.  Sometimes I read a devotional, sometimes I read my Bible, sometimes I journal, and sometimes I just sit and pray and listen to his still, quiet voice.  

4 - French Fries and Diet Coke -   Okay if we are being completely honest here, I have to admit this one.  I know they are both terrible for my health but man do I love me some french fries (even better topped with bacon and cheese and dipped in ranch dressing) with a big ice cold Diet Coke (preferably with some cherry flavor and pellet ice).  If I was told I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life and nutrition didn’t matter, this would so be it.

5 - Making Memories - I am not a stuff person.  I don’t really care about a big fancy house full of all the latest gadgets or a closet full of clothes.  I am definitely more of an experience person.  I love going places and doing things with my family and friends.  I love vacations and exploring new places.  I love going on field trips and celebrating big events at a fun dinner.  I love hearing my kids laugh and seeing their huge smiles and listening to them tell all about their favorite times.  I love spending a day on the river or at the beach with my husband.  I love going to weddings and parties and picnics and plays.  And I really love capturing it all here on my blog so I can go back and relive those memories over and over and over again.



  1. What great things you mentioned! YES, the Savior brings me more JOY than I could imagine! He is so faithful!

    1. Thank you! I could probably write a book on that one!

  2. This list is so great. I am with you on making memories way more than stuff. I love to get out and do things!