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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Blog-tember - if you could switch lives..

Blog-tember challenge for today is If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be?

Well, my total 90’s kid is showing here but I would so swap with Candace Cameron Bure.  First of all, she has the best hair, super cute clothes, and a body any mom would die for!  But more importantly, she lives out her faith every single day in the spotlight.

Between juggling kids, hosting a talk show, and filming, (Can we take a moment to talk about how super wonderful Fulller House is here?!?! I literally teared up a little from the overwhelming nostalgia when the opening credits came on the first time I watched it), she still finds time to take care of herself.  She doesn’t back down from what she believes in no matter what kind of pressure she faces. I would love to pick out something from her closet, commute across the country, work out with her personal trainer, and eat one of those yummy looking dinners she shares that her husband cooks.  And not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind sitting on that blue check couch and hanging out with the Full House cast for a while. 

Who knows, maybe one day we will cross paths and make all my 90’s girl dreams come true!  But until then, I will just keep following her on social media and admiring her from afar.  

Oh yeah --- I wouldn’t mind changing places with my kids teachers for a day either so I could watch my kids learn and interact at school.  I know they both love school so much but I would love to be a little fly on the wall to watch them learn and explore each day.

Or my husband.. I would like to see what our life looks like each day from his perspective too.