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Friday, September 30, 2016

Blog-tember - A letter to my 16 year old self..

I have really had a lot of fun linking up with the Blog-tember 2016 Challenge this month.   It definitely made my step out of my comfort zone a little and create some special posts and I am actually kind of sad to see it go.  Today’s challenge was to imagine that  you've been stopped on the street by the photographer of Humans of New York, and he asks, "What advice would you give to a large group of people?" However, I got to blog hopping and found out last year during the challenge they wrote a letter to their sixteen year old selves and since I already shared the one thing that I think is the most important to share with everyone a few days ago, I decided I would stop my 16 year old self on the street and give her a little advice today instead..

To my sixteen year old self…

Look how cute you look waking down the street in your size 4 denim mini skirt and spaghetti strap tank top with those new Birkenstocks on your feet… be sure to hang on to those shoes when they go out of style in a few years because they will come back in and you will be too cheap then to fork out 100 bucks for them.

That boy you like right now is very special.  He will break your heart next year but don’t worry, it all works out.  Just hang in there and enjoy your time with your friends.  You and that boy will share lots of firsts together.  You will go to lots of ballgames, waste a lot of time browsing through sporting goods stores, and watch a billion movies from Blockbuster while eating Taco Bell.  You will go to lots of fun places and share a lot of great memories.. especially the one where he gets on his knee and asks you to marry him.  See, I told you it would work out!  

You will get marry that boy at his church that will become your church and you will fall even more in love with him than you can even imagine.  You will love him so much as he stands by your side holding your hand in that delivery room when you finally deliver that sweet baby girl after 18 hours of labor.  He will be there with a big huge smile when the second baby comes in a hurry.  And those babies will both look just like him.  He will be your teammate in raising those little girls and you will learn to depend on each other on a whole new level.  He will be there when you get let down. He will be there when you write the bills and when you complain about the laundry.  He will be there when you reach your biggest goals with a big high-five and tell you how proud he is of you.  He’s definitely a keeper.

Keep doing well in school.  I see you over there making sure you’ve got all your homework done first thing.  Always work hard and strive to do your best and take pride in studying and being smart even when it is not always so cool. It will pay off for you.  You get a really great job that you love.

I know basketball is your thing now, but stick with softball.  It will bring you some of your most special friends and memories you can ever imagine.  Not to mention, a free college education.  I’m sure that isn’t a top priority to you right now but it’s kind of a big deal.  Plus that feeling when you hit that grand slam in that close game is unbelievable!  You will never forget it.  Calhoun isn't so bad.  Really it will be two of the best years of your life.   

Worry about your reputation but not your popularity.  Don’t compare yourselves to others.  There are far more important things in this life than a big house, fancy car, and expensive clothes.  Some of those girls you see will never learn that, but you will, and you will experience so much more joy for it!  Be kind to everyone!  

Keep going to church even when all your peers abandon it.  You will grow as a Christian more and more but always feel like you have a long ways to go.  You will seriously be in awe of what all Christ has done and will do for you and realize the importance of making him the center of your life. Stay faithful.

There is so much I wish I could say to you but you will figure most of it out pretty well on your own.  Stay honest and true to yourself.  Don’t always follow the crowd and always be proud of who you are.  Savor the moments and make sure your loved ones know how much they mean to you. Time will fly by so fast and you will be sitting here at this little desk writing blog posts, journaling in your Bible, and helping your kids with their homework before you even know it. Try not to worry so much.  It goes by way too fast but I promise it all works out pretty well for you!   

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