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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Blog-tember - My Greatest Adventure

What is the craziest adventure you have ever been on?

Thanks to some really awesome family members, I have been pretty fortunate to have been on some great trips in my life… New York, Hawaii, California, Disney World, Yellowstone… and as much as I loved and cherished each and every little adventure, nothing compares to the adventure that I am on now…. Motherhood!

If you had told me that I would be the first of my friends to have kids at the age of 23, I probably would’ve looked at you like yeah right!  I always enjoyed babies growing up and did some babysitting, but I never felt like the “mother hen” of the group.  I knew I wanted kids one day but that was about as far as my dreaming got.  

When Jarrod and I had been married about four months, we got the biggest surprise of our lives.  We were pregnant!  A few months later, we welcomed a sweet little baby girl into our lives and had no clue what we were doing.  All of a sudden, we were in charge of this little human that pooped in my face and spit up in my hair and cried like a little monster when she was hangry.  We were expected to clothe her and feed her and teach all kinds of things.  To say I was a little overwhelmed would be a serious understatement.  I relied heavily on my mom and sisters-in-law for lots of advice and encouragement.  And slowly, I kind of figured it out… well I don’t think we ever truly figure it out but we made some progress.  

Fast-forward six years or so and that little baby is a beautiful bubbly little kindergartner with a little sister that is as strong and tough as they come.  I have a very long road ahead of me in this whole parenting thing but this adventure we have been on over the last 6+ years has been wild and crazy and the very best adventure I could ever imagine.  We’ve had lots of bumps, bruises, and tears, more wails and fits than I can count, some yelling and fussing and even a few stitches but we have also had a whole lot of love and happiness.  I did a little victory dance when those babies finally slept all night long in their own beds and a big high five when they peepeed in the potty.  I was filled with overflowing pride as those little tiny dancers took the stage and bubbled with joy when their teachers gushed about their sweet spirits.  I have been bent over in laughter.  I have been covered in tears.  I have been so extremely filled with love.

I would not change a single thing about this crazy adventure of motherhood.  Every tear, every smile, every moment is etched deep in my heart and I know one day too soon, I will look back on it all and just think… we made it and By George we did a pretty good job along the way.  

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  1. Sweet little family! Motherhood is such an overwhelming, crazy adventure but no other could bless you quite as much. Looks like we were definitely on the same page today Lacey!