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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

That After Vacation Feeling

We are coming to an end to our beach vacation. I absolutely love beach vacations! I would much rather spend forever at the Gulf Coast than traveling around the world. There is just something so great about sleeping late and playing on the beach all day. But I always find myself almost in tears the night before we leave and don't want the time to end. I guess I just think about all the fun we had and it kinda just makes me sad.

I know as the vacations pass by, so does time, and with time, comes change.  I know next time I come my kids will be older and never again get to enjoy the beach at this age. I know the buildings and roads and favorite spots will change and evolve. I know people will come and go and the friendships and loved ones will change. But I pray the memories never fade! And I pray my girls grow up loving the Alabama gulf coast as much as I do!

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