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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Testimony Tuesday - Amy

Today I would love for you to meet my friend Amy! I met Amy a few years ago when her family joined our church and we quickly became friends. She is a stay at home mom to two precious kiddos and one of the sweetest ladies I know. Amy is a great example of how important and life changing finding the right church home for you and your family can be! 

So, this may be boring to some, but life changing for my family and I. I grew up in church, great family and wonderful church friends. Such an easy and wonderful life for me. I met my husband during my first "quarter" in college and decided I had met the love of my life. It was kind of one of those instant, "I love you and I'm gonna marry you one day" stories from my point of view. He has such a precious soul and huge, giving heart, but was never involved in a "positive" church environment. His parents never made going to church a huge priority and in going with friends, he was subjected to many, many judgemental Christians....almost seems oxymoronic doesn't it?! 

However, years after we were married and started a family, we decided to head to church! We decided how important it was for us to raise our children in a Godly home. We joined FBC Tanner around 2011 and have never been happier! We are both involved in church activities and both are servants of God. We are so fulfilled knowing our children are being taught to love Our Lord and follow his guidance and we couldn't be prouder to be setting such an example for our kids! 

We are NOT perfect!!!!!! At all!!!! But, we love the Lord, we read our Bible and we pray, as a family constantly!! In today's world, I'm happy to know, my family serves the Lord!!

Thank you Amy!! If you are looking for a church home for you and your family, we would love for you to come visit us at First Baptist Tanner! 

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