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Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Hadley!!

 How in the world are you five?  Five!!!  You have gone from a little fast-moving bald headed baby to a fashion-loving, crazy-dancing, Barbie-playing little girl in just the blink of an eye!

You are so funny!  You always say the funniest things and you talk All. The. Time.  You are super friendly and have lots of friends.  This year, you have gone from a shy little girl that wouldn't even talk to your teacher on the first day of school, to a little chatter box who never meets a stranger.  You like to use big words and never cease to surprise us with what comes out of your little mouth!  

You loooove "sashion" so much!  You always want to pick out your clothes and shoes and want to dress yourself and play with makeup.  I usually try to give you options but you are pretty opinionated about what you wear.... even if it doesn't match!  When you find an outfit you love, you wear it over and over and over again!  You have a closet full of clothes but your favorites are your little purple knit dress and your watermelon bikini.  You also love your high heels that you convinced your Aunt Heather to buy you!  

You love to play!  You could spend hours just entertaining yourself.  You love to play makeup and fashion show games on the ipad and watch You Tube videos of toy reviews (which I find strange but considering these videos have millions of view so it must be the normal thing for kids to do).  You love your Barbies and dressing them up with their little accessories and rearranging their house.  You also love your American Girl dolls and changing their clothes.  You really love to swim and run around outside!   

You love "stuff."  Every time you go somewhere, you come home with some little piece of junk from someone else's yard sale pile and hang on to it forever.  You have "allections" of rocks, little figurines, purses, and makeup just to name a few!  

You love your little sister.  You boss her around and she usually does whatever you tell her to.  You are quick to tattle when she doesn't though.  I love to watch you play and laugh together.

You love to dance!  You did so good in your ballet class this year.  You love Taylor Swift and Katy Perry the best but you will dance to whatever song you can find.  Babu even made you a little plywood stage to showcase your moves on.  You love to sing along to every song even though you tend to just make up on your own words most of the time (it's okay... you get that from your mama).  

You love to read stories.  We read a book and a Bible story each night when we lay down for bed.  You almost always pick Moses, Bunny's New Shoes, or Pinkalicious.  You can write your name and you are learning all your letters.  You like to play with flashcards to show off how well you know all the colors, shapes, and numbers.

You don't like to take naps much anymore so instead, you usually just "rest" and watch a movie.  Your current favorites are Matilda, Annie, Camp Rock, Pippi Longstockings or any Barbie movie.  Your favorite TV show is Jessie or you try to sneak in some Monster High sometimes.

When I asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, you told me a Taco Bell cooker or a painter.  But I think you would be an excellent lawyer!  You can be so stubborn and extremely argumentative when you want to be.  I swear you could convince someone that the sky really isn't blue if you wanted to bad enough.

You are such a fun little girl.  So full of life and energy.  You can bring a smile to anyone's face!  You are definitely one of a kind!  I know one day, you are going to grow up to be something very special and I can't wait to watch you grow and learn each day...but right now, I just want you to be just like this, just like you are, forever!  I am so extremely thankful that God chose me to be your Mommy!

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