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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What I Read - Gathering Pecans

My sweet coworker gave me this Gathering Pecans by Wimberly Watts to read.  The author is from Huntsville and she had raved about it for several weeks so I just couldn't wait to read it myself!  The story starts off in North Alabama right after WWII.  Henry Bagby was raised on a large cotton farm in a very wealthy family.  The story follows him as he returns to college, falls in love with a sweet but unique girl, and marries her.  They have a daughter who turns out to be an extremely special young lady.  The rest of the story follows her extraordinary life.  

The author really puts a lot of emphasis on Southern tradition and religion.  The whole second half of the book really focuses on the different religions of the world (specifically Christianity, Muslim, and Jewish) and how we treat each other.  It really informed me of how and why we are different but also points out many of the same beliefs we share.  It really makes you open your heart and your mind! Very enlightening!

I loved many things about this book but what I loved the most was that most of the story is set in Huntsville, Alabama.  I loved the mentions of all the familiar places around Alabama including the "secluded beach" of Gulf Shores!  I really loved the characters in the book as well.  They were the type of characters that you really feel like you get to know and can't help but fall in love with them all.  It had some parts that made me laugh, some that made my cry, and many that really made me open my eyes and ponder on some things.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good read... especially if you are from this area!!  I think I will be purchasing this one for my own library!

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