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Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July Weekend

We had such a fun weekend at the Harrison house.  We spent a lot of time around the house, reading and playing and catching up from vacation.  We went to my mom's on Saturday for an "America's Birthday Pool Party" as Hadley called it with our family.  

Sunday night, we went to a cookout at our church full of hot dogs, ice cream, and fireworks (from a distance).  The girls also had a great time on the slip-n-slide!

My girls hate fireworks!!  We had planned to meet up with Jarrod's family Saturday night to watch the big fireworks show in town but HC fell asleep before dark and Hadley just didn't want to go so we stayed inside and watched them on TV!  Sunday night, they had a few fireworks at church but Hadley spent most of the time in the car with her Papa while HC just hid her face on my shoulder!  O well... I can't really blame them... I don't like them much either!

We've had a fantastic vacation week and holiday weekend!  But unfortunately it's back the to the real world tomorrow!  I am already looking forward to my extra large coffee in the morning!

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