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Monday, June 29, 2015

Testimony Tuesday - Lacey

I am so excited to be starting this series on my blog!  I know God has great things in store through these testimonies that I will be sharing here over the next several weeks!

One thing that I have always struggled with is sharing my testimony.  I have always loved hearing other peoples' testimonies because I believe they are always so powerful.  Hearing how God has worked in peoples' lives just seems to always speak to me in a special way.

But for some reason, I have always had a hard time sharing my own.  I don't really know why.  I guess I have always been afraid that it is not "special" or interesting and honestly, I am just scared to really open up and put it all to the world.  Recently, I have really felt God speaking to me and pulling at me to share my faith more... especially with some friends.  I feel like that seems to be the hardest people to share with.  I guess I have always been afraid that they will judge me more harshly or know my faults more and call me out on things.  I don't know.  It's just tougher for some reason.  But I feel such a tug at my heart that God wants to me share... 

So here goes...

I was raised in church by a Christian family with wonderful parents who loved me, were always there for me, and took care of me.  They taught me right from wrong and encouraged and supported me and my sister.  We always had a nice house and food on the table and were involved in extracurricular activities.  We went to church several times a week and always said the blessing with our meals.  It was just normal to me.  Church is just what you did.  It never crossed my mind when I was young, that everyone didn't have the same things as me.  I didn't know that people had abusive or absent parents or that they didn't have safe homes and clean clothes.  And I really didn't know that everyone didn't wake up and go to church on Sunday.  I was real young, about 5 or 6, when my friend Melesa told me she was getting baptized so of course, I thought well I want to get baptized to.  So I told my mom and we talked to the preacher and one Sunday, Melesa and I both got baptized.  I understood that I wanted Jesus to live in my heart and that I wanted to go to Heaven but there was sooo much more that I didn't understand.  I remember there was an adult that got baptized at the same time and I thought that was so odd because I thought that was something you were supposed to do when you were a kid in Sunday School.  I really didn't understand it all at the time.     

As I got older, I still went to church every Sunday.  I went through church choir and GA's and VBS every year.  It wasn't until I was a young teenager that I really understood what it meant to be a sinner and to be saved.  When I joined the youth group in the 7th grade, I was blessed with a really great youth minister, Ric Camp, and some really special Sunday School teachers.  Between the Bible studies, praise and worship services, and youth retreats, I really felt the Lord speak to me and that is when I truly accepted Christ as my Savior and committed my life to the Lord.  Looking back, I am so extremely thankful for those years in the youth group and the great leaders I had to influence my young life. 

The years went on and I traveled through the glory days of high school and college.  God was still in my life but not necessarily a priority.  I made good grades, was a pretty good athlete, and pretty much followed all the rules.  I had friends and a boyfriend and all was well.  I was still active in church but was also very easily influenced by everyone else and faced the many peer pressures that come with being a teenager.  I played softball in college at a local JUCO.  During this time, I made some very good friends who are still some of my closest friends today.  We spent thousands of hours together hanging out and really influenced each others lives the most during this time of our lives.  We were together all day every day for those few years.  I still went to church every Sunday morning even though it was usually just Jarrod and I and maybe a friend or two in our class.  I think we went more because that is what we were supposed to do than because I really wanted to but looking back, I am very glad I still made it a priority to go.  I even featured a few good Christian music songs on my MySpace!  

I got a job as a co-op my senior year of college and began working full time while finishing up my degree,  I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Mathematics in May and got married a month later.  We both left our parents' homes for the first time ever and began a life of our own in our own house with our "real" jobs!  We still attended church regularly as a couple.  We went to church together at FBC Tanner where Jarrod had grown up and his family still attended.  Jarrod and I are both so extremely blessed with parents who made it a priority to take us to church regularly and teach us about doing what is right.  I cannot stress enough what an impact this had had on my adult life.

Five short months after we were married, we found out about a special little surprise on the way... We would soon be parents to a beautiful blue-eyed blonde-haired baby girl!  We had to grow up and figure out not only how to be husband and wife, but also parents pretty quickly.  A few years later, we were blessed with our other little blue-eyed blondie.  And THIS is really when I learned what it meant to put my faith in God!  It was during these days when I was up late feeding the baby, writing a paper for my Master's degree, paying a big pile of bills, completely covered with a mixture of regurgitated carrots, green beans, and formula, mad about an argument with Jarrod over the right way to put the dishes in the dishwasher or how to fold the towels, all while also trying to comfort my screaming toddler who was throwing a tantrum over her broken plastic princess shoes that I found myself desperate and in need of some help.  I could not do it all on my own.  I was struggling with anxiety, stress, jealousy, and just plain worn out from trying to do it all my way.  This is when I learned to really turn my eyes upon Jesus.

I soon learned that being a Christian wasn't just about believing in Jesus and following the rules as I seemed to do in the past.  It was about having a real relationship with my Savior and putting my faith and trust in Him.  It was about taking up my cross daily and following Him.  Seeking his will and guidance and relying on Him for comfort and rest.  I hadn't always put God first in my life, but after I had my girls, I realized the importance of putting Him first in my life and my family.  I could not juggle being a wife and mother doing it all my way.  I began spending more time reading my Bible and praying.  God became a priority for me.  I discovered hope and encouragement in Him and His word.          

In the past few years, I have tried to make it a priority to put God first in my life.  I am still not perfect at all -- I am far far far from it but I have discovered the importance of putting Him first.  I am still influenced by the world.  I still get stressed and jealous and whiny and needy but I have learned to turn my eyes upon Jesus more.  I am a sinner but I am a daughter of my heavenly Father who wants to take care of me and love me.  This is just my temporary home with temporary things but my God is eternal.  He is a wonderful glorious saving God, the Prince of Peace in my life.

I don't write this testimony to brag about what a happy go lucky life I have had and what a good girl I was and how sheltered and blessed I was to grow up in a healthy church-going family.  In fact, it is extremely scary and nerve wracking for me to open up and share my testimony for some reason.  I have had my fair share of struggles and hardships just like everyone else but I write this to say that I am so extremely thankful that I have found my hope in Christ alone.  I write this to say that Christianity isn't just about obeying rules and believing in heaven and hell.  It's more than going through the motions and doing what I am supposed to do.  It is oh so much more than that!  

I honestly don't know if anyone but my mom and a handful of people read this but I have just really felt the Lord tugging on my heart lately to share my testimony with others even if I only touch one person's life with my story.



  1. Love! So proud of you for starting this series, opening up and sharing your testimony! Lives will definitely be touched through your blog.

  2. I think that this is the perfect time to be sharing about God, when everything around us seems to be falling apart...Thank you!