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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wonderful Weekend for Women

Some of the ladies at my church have been attending a women's conference in Tennesse for the last few years and I was so glad I got to tag along with them this time!

I have been blessed with so many wonderful women, not only in just my immediate family, but also in my church family!

I so love spending time with older strong Christian women who have already been-there-done-that and mastere the walk through life's many journeys. I love to peek into their lives and admire the way they have handled the trials and triumphs that God has given them. I have such a special place in my heart for women's ministry because I believe it is so important as a young wife and mother to have ladies like this to mentor and encourage me not only in my walk with Christ but also as I juggle the real world of babies, house work, and to-do lists!

Even though the ice and snow caused a little kink in our plans, we still had a wonderful weekend shopping and talking and eating and talking and learning and talking and admiring icicles and talking and praising our God! Not to mention the pleasure of an undisturbed full nights rest in a soft bed all by myself  without listening to snoring or wrestling little feet jabbing into my back!  

And unfortunately, we somehow managed to miss a group picture but my friend Mollie shared this one pic of us and her lovely mother! 

This wonderful weekend for women was such a blessing to me and I can't wait to do it again! 

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