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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring has Sprung... Well almost!

Saturday was such a nice day! We got to play outside and finally get some of our outside chores done!

While Jarrod and I cleaned out the garage, the girls treated themselves to a little picnic prepared by Hadley consisting of gummies, chips, and juice boxes!

HC got a new tball set for her birthday so we had to try it out... Yes Hadley has on her tutu! But I have to admit, I was actually pretty surprised at well she could whack the ball!

HC was more interested in the fishing pole! I'm so thankful that my girly girls can enjoy these kinds of things with their daddy!

And we even got the yard mowed a little!

Gigi took Hadley to see Cinderella while HC took a nap so we could finish up a few things in the yard. I was so glad to get some of my bushes trimmed up and flower beds cleaned up a little. I am so looking forward to this last little bit of cold to go on so I can plant a garden and some fresh new flowers! I loooove spring!!

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