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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blood Type Diets

I recently read an article about a book titled Eat Right for Your Type that was discussing blood type diets that I found very interesting.  Blood type diets are not necessarily for losing weight but just for overall health for your body.  The idea is that people with different blood types handle different foods differently.  By eating certain foods and eliminating others, your body will function better with less illness and negative effects and just overall better health.

I am type O so this diet recommends that I eliminate dairy and wheat and eat lots of meat and vegetables.  Type A's should have a mostly vegetarian diet and type B have a robust digestive system and ideally can have a balanced diet of wheat, meat, fruits, and vegetables.  Type AB has the fewest digestive problems and should just eat small portions.

Anyways... there are tons of websites out there that talk about this blood type dieting that are pretty interesting.  I am not sure I believe it all 100% but it does seem very interesting and I enjoy researching and studying about it all.  I haven't completely tried the recommended diet for me but in the past, eliminating wheat and dairy have always done the best for me so it definitely makes sense.  My dad is type A and has been a vegetarian for a few years so it makes sense there as well.  You can find lots of more information about it here.  I look forward to trying it as I learn more about it.

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