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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Project 333 - Spring 2015

For about the last year or so, I have really been trying to use a Capsule Wardrobe to simplify my closet!  A capsule wardrobe is basically where you choose about 30-35 items that you can mix and match to make up your whole wardrobe for the season.  You can find out more about all of the guidelines at this website.
I'll admit that I really struggled with my winter wardrobe.  Winter is so boring and gloomy and the clothes just seem so blah.  I didn't plan very well and got really bored and lazy with it and didn't stick to the rules much.  I wound up buying things that I really didn't love and pulling things back out from storage that I ended up not wearing at all.  My closet became way too cluttered and overwhelming.  So... I am super excited to start a new wardrobe for spring! 
I didn't have to really buy many new items for spring because I have a lot of things in my closet or storage from last year already that I love and are great pieces for the many different types of weather we see here in the spring.  Alabama spring weather is crazy... I mean literally it can be 75 degrees one day and 30 the next!    You just never know so it is good to have a variety to choose from! 
I found a guide to help plan your wardrobe.  I chose Blue and Black to be my main colors with white and red as minor colors and mint, florals, and greys for accents.  I am definitely not a fashionista whatsoever but I chose these based mostly on what I had and what I keep seeming to be drawn more to.... aka the mint accents!   

Some of my staples for the spring are...
- My Jessica Simpson Kiss Me Super Skinny Jeans in black and dark blue.  These are really perfect year round!  I know I have mentioned them several times before but I literally wear these pretty much every single day!
- My Black Maxi dress.  I love that it can be styled casual or dressed up.
- My chambray and white button ups.... seriously you really need these two pieces no matter what your style is!  They can be worn so many different ways and really help "grow" your wardrobe.
- My Loft Cardigans - I have slowly gathered these over the last few years and am totally in love with them! I have these in several colors. Cardigans are definitely a must have for the fluctuating spring weather! 
- Denim Jacket - Another must have for spring weather!
- A Solid White Shirt - I have one from Loft that I have loved but it is starting to look pretty dingy so I plan to swap it out with something like this Crown & Ivy knit top. 
- Black Ruffle Tank - I got this last year and wear it all the time!  It is perfect for layering or by itself. 
- A few versatile dresses.  I really love this knit dress from Crown & Ivy.  So cute and comfy!  And I can't wait to add this perfect floral American Living dress to add a few pops of color to my wardrobe.  Plus both of these can be styled so many way!
- A simple floral skirt like this cute one from Old Navy that can easily be dressed up or down!
- A fun colorful blouse.  It really incorporates a lot of my colors I am trying to go with. 

I don't really follow the exact 3 month plan for the project333 with set start and end dates but just sort of go with the seasons as best I can.  As summer gets closer, I may swap a few sweaters and cardigans for some shorts and tanks but this should pretty much get me through for the most part!  I also don't count my shoes!  I only wear about 3-4 pairs anyways and I am not a huge jewelry person although I did throw in a few spring scarves as well.
I am so looking forward to spring.... if only all this dang snow and ice would just go away so I can bring out my sandals!   

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  1. omg. black skinny jeans. chambray button down. maxi dress. yes yes yes.