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Monday, March 16, 2015

What's in my gym bag?

Now that spring is trying to arrive with warmer weather and longer days, I am finding a little more time to run when I get home in the evenings.  However, most of the time, my runs take place on my lunch break whether it be inside on the treadmill or on the lovely roads around my workplace.  So... that requires me packing every thing I need not only for my run, but also to freshen up afterwards... All packed nearly in my nice little gym bag. 

I use the Ziptop Organizing Utility Tote from Thirtyone.  It is large enough to carry all of my things it has tons of pockets on the outside to store all of my small items.

For my actual exercise...
 - I love my New Balance 870V3 running shoes.  I went to an actual running store and got fitted for the shoe that best fit my foot.  Who knew there was so much more to running shoes than pretty colors and a cute little swoosh sign?  Not only was I wearing the wrong size, I was also wearing the completely wrong kind of support for my high arches.  I would definitely recommend going to somewhere like this if you are wanting to get into running.  I promise it is worth the investment!
- I also would recommend investing in a good pair of socks.. I can't believe I paid $15 for a pair of socks but these Thorlos are my favorite.    
- I won a armband at a 5k I ran last year and I am so thankful for it.  I can pop in my iphone and headphones so I can easily listen to my music and follow my running app.  Makes my run much more enjoyable.
- I always throw in a few hair ties.  These elastic ones are my favorite because they don't tend to leave as much of a crease.
- My go-to running attire is almost always capri "yoga pants" and a loose lightweight tee.  If you want to cut a few bucks, I would recommend doing that here.  It may just be me, but I really can't tell a big difference in the off brand pants and tshirts than the high dollar Nike and Under Amour brands.

To freshen up....
- I always throw in a couple of my own small cheap gym towels.  I read somewhere that gym towels are one of the germiest items even after they are washed so I definitely don't want to be sharing those with a bunch of other sweaty folks.  Plus I like a fresh towel after showering.  I mean who wants a stinky sweat filled towel on their nice clean skin?  Definitely a must if you plan to freshen up after your workout!
- A cheap pair of rubber flip flops for the shower and walking around the locker room.
- Refreshing wipes - I like the Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths from ban.  These are great for a quick freshen up.
- A small travel size bottle of moisturizing body wash. 
- Cetaphil Face Wipes to wipe off my makeup.  I almost always do a whole fresh face of makeup after a workout.  I have very very sensitive skin and my face tends to get pretty sweaty so it is pretty important for me to get all the gunk off as quick as possible!  Plus I get the added bonus of having a fresh face of makeup in the afternoons!
- Deodorant.
- Some good smelling body spray and scented lotion.
- A hairbrush.
- Dry Shampoo to give a little life back to my hair.

And I also usually throw in some bobby pins and my makeup bag to help put myself back together to! 

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