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Friday, March 13, 2015

Links & Loves

One of my favorite things in the blog world are what some call their links and loves posts.  So I decided to jump in on it to... now debuting my first ever links and loves!

I really really love this blush

I am currently trying to read through the Bible Chronologically.  I know there are Bibles that are laid out chronologically but I am using this plan and just reading from Jarrod's Bible.  He has a really good study Bible that offers lots of extra information and insights. 

I just ordered several used books on my Classic Novels reading list from Thrifty Books Used Bookstore.  I paid about $3 for each of them.  I love my Nook and borrowing books from the library but I am trying to actually collect all the books on my greatest novels list.  And they came in within just a few days!  

I think I need these shoes.  However, most shoes like this don't fit me well because they assume if you have an extremely long foot like mine, that you also have a really fat foot.  Well I don't.  I have an extremely long and skinny foot so most bootie type shoes just seem to swallow my foot.  But I really do love them!  

Oh yeah and have I mentioned how much I love Sun San sandals for my girls?  I got a really really good deal on Amazon the other day got 5 pair for less than $100!  They are seriously the best little girl spring and summer shoe!

I found a new website that I really love!  She has tons of great clean eating recipes, Costco shopping lists with prices, and grocery shopping on a budget resources, plus lots of other great info and ideas! 

I have also just recently discovered Lauren Conrad's website.  She has a little bit of everything on her site including hair, beauty, fashion, and food!  I could probably easily get lost there for a while! And she just chopped her hair off in the cutest style... makes me want to go short again!  It is always so tempting to do in the spring and summer!

So there you have it... My latest links & loves!

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