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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Hunter Claire!

My sweet Hunter Claire-

How in the world are you two years old so soon?  Where has the time gone?  You have gone from my sweet little laid back spewing baby to a polite rambunctious fun-loving little toddler in what seems like over night!  Slow down my sweet baby girl!

This year you had a lot of fun.  You played on the beach, had fun in the snow, and visited Disney World!  You got a new cat that you like to wag around and discovered the Kiddie Carnival and Chuck E Cheese.   

You are the most polite little girl.  You always say please when you want something and excuse me when you bump into anyone or anything. 

You love to play with little toys.  You often stack them in lines on the furniture and move them from chair to table to shelf.

You run ALL THE TIME!  I don't think your little brain understands the words slow down!

You are very smart!  You know all of the animals and love to sing your ABC's... even though a few letters may not be exactly right!

You looooove music so much.  You love to sing and dance.  Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald, and Do Lord are your favorites.  You know all the little dances to every sing along song and you often put in special requests for whichever one is on your mind.

You have the all time best performance for Let It Go! 

Your best friend is Brynlee.  You call her BB and she calls you the same.  You follow each other around all the time and love to play together every single day.

You love your sister so much.  You often look for her and try to do everything she does.  You pretty much will do anything she tells you to do.  And you really love to sneak in her room and play with her doll house.

You are an excellent eater.  You love salsa that you call ketchup, pizza, poptarts, mac and cheese, and anything served in a little squeeze patch (even the spinach and broccoli I sneak in from time to time).  You can down about 4 of them in a matter of minutes.  You love your "jink jink" and really love it when Babu sneaks in some chocolate. 

You love your grandparents to the moon.  You've always called Babu, Gaga for some reason and you always recognize as soon as we pull up to Papa and Meme's house.

You jump around a lot.  You can just be standing still and then all of a sudden start bouncing going "boing boing boing!"  Hence the reason  you are getting a trampoline for your birthday!

You don't like to sleep in your own bed very much.  Your daddy puts you to bed every night and you love to snuggle close to someone.  Most nights you find a way to sneak into the big bed with all your blankies and stuffed animals that you sleep with every night.  You are so precious when you get sleepy and grab your paci and rub your blankie to your lips. 

You love Peppa Pig, Elmo and Minnie Mouse and have your own precious way of saying their names with accents on all the wrong parts!  You also love the Finger Family and you sing it often. 

You sulk and pout when you get in trouble or get mad.  You stick out your lip and drop your head and just stand there for a few minutes.  You throw a huge fit if you ever have to go to timeout but if sister is in timeout, you love to go sit with her and giggle.   

You are so much fun and so happy.  You have the best laugh and your little giggles are the sweetest ever.  You bring so much joy to our family and I have no idea what life would be like without our little Tasmanian Devil as Mr. Lloyd calls you!  You are such a blessing to everyone and we all love you very very much! Oh sweet child of mine!

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