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Thursday, March 5, 2015

I think I may almost be a real runner.

Yesterday in Alabama was wonderful!  It was over 70 degrees out and really just a lovely day.  I was soooo excited to be able to get out and go for a run outside.  I am really trying to stick to my running plan but I really hate the treadmill so I was so glad to get outside to run.  We have a really great place near my building at work that I just love.  It's so quite and I really enjoy the time to myself!

I have really started to enjoy running.  I don't really know how to explain it but there is just something about it that gets a little bit obsessive and I actually find myself looking forward to my runs.  I am really trying not to set too big of goals for my running though.  I know there are several races coming up in the spring that I would like to participate in but I am afraid I may be over-estimating my abilities.  I just have to remember to pace pace pace and that I am NOT going to finish first (6:30 minute pace for 6+miles ain't happening for this girl for sure).     

But as lovely as that run was, today it is 30 degrees with ice outside!  We are seriously off work today because of the "Winter Weather Storm"!!!  How is this even possible?  I thought we were done with the snowsuits and boots last week... guess it's back to the treadmill for a while!   

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