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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wellness Wednesdays 04

Here I am at week four and I honestly feel like I have made zero progress.  Yes my pants still fit and yes I have been running and exercising pretty regularly, but my lack of commitment is pretty embarrassing and I am really having a hard time staying "on track" with my nutrition.  Summer is just so full of parties and get-togethers and I have ZERO discipline and will power when it comes to sweets.  Like I just cannot have them in my house or anywhere around me because I cannot resist.  It is so frustrating for me to do so well for several days and then totally blow all my hard work on the weekend.  I am so frustrated with myself right now and not happy where I am physically at all.

So... with that being said.... I have figured out that I do not do well without a plan.  I need rules and structure and accountability.  I have joined a few Facebook challenge groups hoping they would help give me a little more accountability but I think I need to stop trying to wing it so much and for real follow a meal plan and write down and share my measurements and goals to keep me on track a little better.  One of the groups I joined is following the Shift Shop as I mentioned earlier.  The Shift Shop follows a container system eating approach that is very similar to the 21 Day Fix I did several months back.  The Shift Shop comes with an easy to follow meal plan including recipes and shopping lists.  We were a bit out of whack this week because of several parties and are leaving for a mission trip this weekend for a few days so I am pushing off that particular meal plan until we get back BUT I am strictening things up here a little tighter until then.  I'm drinking my shakeology for breakfast, have my lunches prepped and ready, and have some simple clean and healthy dinner recipes ready.  I am a firm believer that high protein, low carb diets work best for me and I am making a cautious effort to try and get some more veggies in my days.

I am running T/TH/S and doing a Shift Shop workout M/W/F and taking "off" on Sundays.  I am really proud of myself for sticking to this as much as I can.  Those 30 minutes for myself each evening does wonders for my sanity.  I downloaded a new playlist and a few new podcasts to give me a little extra motivation to get moving each day.

And.... I decided to actually share my stats here.... it is so hard for me to do this.  I don't really know why I struggle with this but I am hoping it gives me a little more motivation!  I'm not confident enough to share my before pictures and probably will never get there but this is a big step for me to actually share "my stats." I am not happy with these and am really looking forward to watching them shrink over the coming weeks.

Today's Measurements
Weight : 150
Arms: 11 (R/L)
Chest: 36
Waist: 35
Hips: 38
Thighs: 23 (R/L) 

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