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Friday, July 14, 2017

Little Letters - July

I am linking up with Kristin over at Taz and Belly today for a fun little monthly link up!

Dear Rodan + Fields, I have spent way too much money on you lately but I am so in love with your products and my skin is thankful for it.  You are making my dreams of a no makeup face seem more and more achievable.

Dear Diet Coke, I broke up with you earlier in the summer but I'm sad to say that I have let you back in my life on a way too regular basis.  There is just something so wonderful about a big huge cup with lots of ice full of ice cold Diet Coke and I just can't seem to get you out of my life.

Dear Nicholas Sparks, why must you make me cry in every single one of your books? Why do you have to make all the best characters die... every. single time?  Just once, can't we let them live and have a happy ending?

Dear Running Shoes, I am pretty proud of myself for using you so much over the last few weeks.  Even though you don't get to see much sunlight because it is like a million degrees, you are still doing a pretty good job getting some miles in.

Dear Kids Clothing Companies, please stop sending me catalogs and emails.  You have so many precious new outfits and I have such a hard time resisting.

Dear Fresh Tomatoes, I love you.  I love you on my sandwich, with my eggs, sliced with some salt and pepper.

Dear Calhoun Friends, I am still reminiscing about our girls trip last week.  I love having grown up girl time with you all and enjoy our time together so much.  I love that we are all in the same season of life and get to share these times together.

Dear Grocery Store, I have got to visit you soon.  We have been winging it off of whatever we can find in the kitchen for far too long now and I have got to get my meal planning and prepping back in order like now.

Dear God, You have been doing some great and exciting things in my life lately and I am so excited to see what all else you have in store.  You are moving in big ways and I just know some BIG things are going to be happening through you.

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  1. Loved reading your little letters! Was the "Calhoun Friends" one for Calhoun, GA? I drive through there every so often to get to my family in TN... & I usually stop for their outlet mall!

    1. Aw thank you! It is actually Calhoun College in North Alabama. We all played softball together there years ago and still try to get together every year for a trip!