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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wellness Wednesdays 02

Well this week has been pretty good wellness wise.  I worked out almost every single day #highfivetome.

I have really been enjoying the T25 workouts from Beachbody on Demand. Sean T totally kicks my butt and I still have to do some modifying on the upper body workouts (I have zero upper body strength) but I really feel like I get a good workout in just a few minutes.  It is so convenient to just turn on the app on my phone or ipad and set it up wherever I may be.  I have created me a nice little set up on my patio that is pretty shaded and has a slight breeze flowing through so it is not too hot.  I really enjoy working out at home but my living room just isn't the ideal set up.  It is so much nicer to take it outside even if it is a little bit warmer.

I also got a little preview of the latest BB workout coming out in a few weeks, Shift Shop, and I like I am really going to like it.  It was a 25 minute speed workout that I would say is pretty comparable to the Insanity workouts but a little less intense. The instructor does a really good job explaining the moves and sets and is really encouraging.  There are several other workouts in the series though so I am really looking forward to trying them out later this summer maybe with a challenge group.

I got some serious running motivation this week when Fleet Feet had a huge 4th of July sale.  I lucked up and got TWO new pair of running shoes for less than half price of what one pair would regularly cost.  I have never had Brooks but have wanted to try them so I just couldn't pass up on this huge deal.. plus I had some credits and gift certificates to use so I left there feeling like I was really doing something.  I could not wait to get them on as soon as I got home and have been testing them out all week long.... especially these super cute patriotic ones!  I am already making plans to wear these to all the patriotic themed races this year.

My sister came over Saturday morning and we finished up week 2 of the C25K plan.  I am really trying to get her and some other friends to join me for a 5K in early September so we are somewhat going through the C25K plan together.  I am amazed at how much quicker I am already getting from running small intervals and mixing it with the cross training from the T25 workouts.  I would LOVE to be able to get my 5K time under 25 minutes by this fall but that may be pushing it a little for me.  I have also put another Half Marathon on my radar for November!

On my food... I have to say that I have done fairly good on my nutrition this week considering it was a holiday week full of fun gatherings with lots of treats and HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!  But... I had a checkup with my general doctor on Monday and we are pretty sure I have some GI issues.  She prescribed me some meds and suggested making some diet adjustments and have a few more tests to do but I have a feeling my diet is going to really tighten up so I can finally feel better again!

I am headed to the beach this weekend with my girlfriends so the whole wellness area is going to be pretty tough (or more like non-existent) considering I plan to sit on my tail on the beach and do absolutely nothing but run my mouth but I hope to at least be somewhat cautious as not to ruin all the progress I have been making lately!

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