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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wellness Wednesday 03

Is it Wednesday again already?

After indulging a little too much on my girls beach trip, I am seriously ready to be back on track this week.   I am still loving the T25 workouts but I am also thinking about jumping on board the new Shift Shop program from Beachbody that released today or may even do a mix of several different plans.  I am mixing it in with my 5K training and am trying to be super committed to getting a workout in at least 5 days a week with a long(er) run on Saturday mornings. I have usually been trying to get them in at night since it is WAY too hot during the daytime.  It may be a little more difficult once school and activities start back in a few weeks but I am really trying to do my very best to stick to my plan right now.

As for my nutrition... I am having a hard time finding an eating plan that I can make myself to really commit to.  I have gotten way too lazy when it comes to tracking calories and points so I am really trying to just focus on eating a healthy balanced diet with few carbs and high protein.  I just know my body functions better that way but it is so hard to SAY NO TO CAKE!  Lately my daily diet usually consists of Shakeology, eggs, and protein for breakfast, salad with chicken for lunch, and some type of grilled protein and veggies for dinner.  I have been snacking on protein bars, fruit, PB and banana, and oatmeal.

I am slowly getting Jarrod to join me so that definitely helps to stay on track and we are finally going to have a little bit of normalcy and routine in our lives for the next few weeks.  Summer has been soooo busy!  I am looking forward to really staying focused and committed this week and helping a few people jump on board with me!

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