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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

7th Celebration

We had the best time celebrating Hadley yesterday!

She requested a scavenger hunt for her birthday gifts so I woke her up early and she searched for clues that led her through the house to her gifts in the kitchen... a Music.ly shirt and a Jojo hairbow.  Are anyone else's kids obsessed with this like my kids are??

Hadley shares the same birthday with her Kindergarten teacher so they had planned to have a lunch date on their birthday months ago before school got out.  My sister and mom took her to meet Mrs. Howell at Firehouse Subs and Hadley was sooo excited.  She turned into "school Hadley" and I don't think she hardly said a word all lunch but she was so happy to get to see her teacher that she has missed so much this summer.

Instead of a big party this year, Hadley requested a cookout at home so we invited some of our family and a couple of friends over to grill out and play in the backyard.  Hadley had the BEST time and said it was her best birthday ever (she says this every single year)!

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