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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What I've Been Reading

So I haven’t been tracking my reading as well as I would like but here are a few of the books I have read lately…

I received this book from Bethany House Blogger Review Program in exchange for my honest review.  When I read the synopsis for this book, I knew I would enjoy it because it is about a girl and her grandmother.  I am very close to both of my grandmothers and I could really see my relationship with them reflected in this story as well.  Perla has a stroke and her granddaughter, Ella, moves back home to her small town to take care for her.  I love the relationship you see between them as they navigate their way through their own stories and secrets.  The characters in this story are really loveable and relatable and it weaves the Gospel throughout a heartwarming, good-feeling story.  Ella learns a lot about herself through her relationships with her family, friends, and God.  I am looking forward to reading some more books from this series.

This was a WWII story about a little blind girl and an orphaned boy.  The story jumps about over several years as the characters grow up during war times and eventually cross paths.  The imagery and descriptions of everything throughout the book were very detailed and added so much to the story.  It was a very long book, but the author kept me interested by jumping around in time so much and kept me guessing how and when the characters would actually cross paths and what it would be like when they finally did.  It wasn’t one of those books that I just couldn’t put down but I really did enjoy the 500+ page story.

I used to love Judy Blume books when I was younger so I was excited to finally get to read one of her adult novels.  This was a story based on true events that happened back in the 1950s.  I love stories set in that time period and I really love stories based on true events so I knew I would love this book.  The story follows fifteen year old Miri and the drama that unfolds when three airplanes crash down in their small town within just a few months of each other.  I loved all the characters and the way they all crossed paths throughout the story and the way some of their stories reveal that just because someone looks like they have it all on the outside, there may be a whole other something going on behind closed doors that will completely surprise you.

This is a sad but far too common story of what drugs can do to someone.  Allison Weiss is a woman who seems to have it all with her perfect little family in her perfect little town with a great job but a small pain pill addiction quickly turns into a big problem as she finds herself spiraling down the hole of addiction and she can’t fight her way out of on her own.  I really liked this book because it really touched on the anxiety that so many women have over looking like they have it all together and doing whatever they have to to keep up.  

After some of the negative reviews, I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this or not but I am very glad I chose to. I needed something to read one day on the go so downloaded the ebook from the public library.  I thought this was a really great book I couldn't put down. It was a love story told from both main characters point of views and the secrets they kept revealing throughout kept me engrossed in the story. It may not be for everyone but I personally thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I will admit that it was a little bit more risque than my usual liking.          

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