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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday Ramblings

It's already Tuesday and I am just now getting to my weekend wrap up!

This past weekend, we went with several folks from our Sunday School class to a marriage conference in Birmingham.  Our class has been doing a study from Paul Tripp’s Book, What Did You Expect, so we were super excited when we discovered he would be speaking at a friend’s church.  He was a really great speaker and taught us a lot about “fixing” ourselves before we can try to “fix” our spouse and on how when we put God at the center of our lives instead of us and our selfish ways, only then can we be blessed with all the great things He wants us to have in our marriages.  I have a lot more to say about that but I will save it for another day!  It was fun to get away with some of our friends and just have a little time to spend together without kids.  I am pretty sure the girls had even more fun staying with family! 

On Sunday, I stopped by to see my friend Brittany before she went back to LA.  I know I have probably talked about Brittany on here before but she is one of my best long time friends and has been a huge part of my life.  We chat often but it’s still really great to actually get to get together, even if it was for a super short visit.

Sunday afternoon, we celebrated our nephew, Whit’s, 8th birthday!  The girls both love Whit so much and had a great time at his party.  I still can’t believe this fun boy is eight!

We finished off the weekend with a fun time at AWANA.  HC loves to sing and dance to all the fun songs in Puggles and Hadley was super pumped she won gold at the “AWANA Olympics.”  I know I have said it a million times but I am so thankful for everyone who volunteers their time and talents for our kids through AWANA.  It is such a great program to teach them about Christ!

Back to the grind this week as we tackle another week of school, work, dance, praying for some time to get my runs in, and finding some easy and healthyish meals to feed my family all while trying to convince my child to let me pull her tooth that is just dangling out of her mouth... #momlife

Oh yeah.. And HC managed to convince her Babu to let her keep her cape on for school today. Thanks Mrs. Tiffany for understandingšŸ˜Š

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